Pilot Con-50 Converter Doohickey

Back in March, I did this blog post where I pointed out the metal doohickey that’s now showing up in Pilot and Namiki Con-50 converters. I’m still getting a lot of questions about it though, so I thought it might warrant a video. So here you go!

Long story short, the metal doohickey is there to help keep the ink from hanging up in the back of the converter, which these cartridges are known to do. Since the implementation of these doohickeys earlier this year, I haven’t been hearing about any ink flow issues with these converters (though sometimes you can hear a little rattle inside, which is the tradeoff).

New Pilto Con-50 with metal doohickey (top), and old Con-50 sans doohickey (bottom).

This is how all of Pilot’s Con-50 converters are coming now, and there isn’t a way to easily remove the metal piece. So let’s all get real excited for the doohickey because it’s going to be a part of our lives moving forward 🙂

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Brian Goulet

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