Wed. Review- Lamy Nexx & Nexx M

The LAMY Nexx and Nexx M are the newest pens to come into the US from LAMY. LAMY USA was selling these for that last few months as a sort of test run, to see if it would be worth opening up to retailers to offer for distribution. I guess they sold well enough, because we were offered the opportunity to carry them at And at a price under the famous LAMY Safari, it definitely piqued my interest. After spending a little time with them, I have been able to learn some of their strength and weaknesses, and I thought it best to share them with you in this video. Here’s what I cover:

  • All colors of the Nexx and Nexx M (0:42)
  • General overview of the Nexx (1:35)
  • Nexx and Nexx M differences (4:05)
  • Nexx vs. Safari (6:18)
  • Installing a cartridge or converter (8:08)
  • Inking it from a bottle (9:20)
  • Writing test (10:53)
  • Cute bonus footage of my son Joseph naming the pen colors (13:30)
LAMY Nexx and Nexx M colors (minus the orange one).


LAMY Nexx, uses the same stainless steel LAMY nibs you know from the Safari, Vista, Al-Star, etc. Rubber grip is a nice touch.


The LAMY Nexx and Nexx M take LAMY cartridges and the LAMY Z24 (or Z26) converters.
No doubt the design of the Nexx will be more appealing to some than others, but it’s hard to deny that LAMY has a reputation for getting attention and making workhorse pens. My favorite feature is the larger diameter rubber grip, it’ll be great for newer fountain pen users, and kids especially. We’re working on getting it up in the Pen Plaza right now, thanks for being patient!
I’d love to hear what you think!
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Brian Goulet
2018-01-11T16:39:03+00:00 August 22nd, 2012|Pen Reviews|21 Comments
  • Kent

    I have a Nexx M. It's sort of the pajama pants in my pen collection. It's really comfortable, even for very long writing sessions. However, I personally think the cap is pretty ugly, and it's not a pen I really take out in public.

  • Peggy J.

    Not the prettiest Lamy in the barn, but the little loop on the cap holds great promise for nurses because we're always wearing pens on lanyards around our necks. Now there's an inexpensive, great writing fountain pen that won't get lost!

  • jim b.

    Wow, Brian! Infamous? Is the Safari really guilty of having a reputation of the worst kind?

  • David

    I have been using two Nexxes (Ms) here in the UK for several months. I think the design is simple and elegant. I like the triangular rubber section and the grip it gives, though careful wiping is needed when filling. The Writing Desk sells them with a choice of nibs, including italic.

    • Yes, the pen will take any of the nibs used on the other non-Lamy 2000 models, so you can use any of the calligraphy pens on there.

  • David

    PS. Please persuade them to make an italic nib between the 1.1 and 1.5

    • I very highly doubt that will ever happen, but I'll pass up the suggestion 🙂

  • The Nexx M was my very first Lamy and though it may not be the prettiest, it writes well, the rubberized grip is comfy and it withstood quite a bit of abuse from me. I must admit that I chose it for the cap loop for putting it on a lanyard but that it wasn't as convenient for me as I thought it would be.

  • RagingDragon

    Indeed. That should probably be famous instead of infamous.

  • Josh H.

    I was thinking the same thing! Though I suppose the Safari isn't for everyone…

  • Haha, pajama pants! I think that's a pretty good analogy : )

  • Ah, there you go. I figured that there would be a good use for that loop!

  • Haha! Doh! Yeah, I guess I was thinking sort of like "invaluable" means extremely useful, that infamous was "really famous", of course now I just feel like an idiot 😛

  • Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I don't know a whole lot of people that use pens on lanyards, it's usually (like Peggy J mentioned) for work reasons.

  • Changed 🙂

  • Yeah, I was intending to say that the Safari is very popular, clearly I flubbed it. Thankfully it wasn't in the video though, just in text so it was easy to change : )

  • I think it looks pretty rad. I like a pen with a little bit of "funk" on it. I mean, I'm the guy with a couple of Rotring Cores. I even have the ballpoint and pencil versions.

  • Funk, huh? You could say these pens have some funk, yeah! Especially the pink and yellow ones, they're pretty attention-grabbing.

  • Deewie Lhene Peñaflor

    can this pen be converted to an eyedropper fountain pen..?

  • ericflores

    I found this page looking for the same answer. Since it has no window, I would prefer to have a nice volume of ink. The Safari and ABC have breathing holes at the end of the barrel, so I would assume that this one would have it too, but the barrel end looks perfectly closed from outside.

  • ericflores

    I used to hang a Safari in my lanyard from time to time too. When carrying it in my pants front pocket sometimes it would move sideways and become uncomfortable while sitting. I don't like clipping it to my polo neck when the shirt has no front pocket.
    Now I carry a demonstrator Stipula Passaporto in my pants front pocket. It is very confortable, has a huge volume and I can notice long before I run out of ink.