**UPDATE: As of March 2020, the Noodler’s Nib Creaper Rollerball is no longer available **

Did you know you can take the piston mechanism out of the Noodler’s Nib Creaper Rollerball? Yeah…it was news to me, too. I had tried previously, but it always seemed like it was glued in place or something like that because I was never able to get it out. But thanks to a persistent customer who proved me wrong, I was able to take mine apart. It’s a bit of a delicate process, but it’s pretty simple to do. I wanted to share it with you in case you want to grease up your piston rod or clean ink from behind the piston seal.

I also have a separate video showing how to change out the rollerball tip in this pen, you can see it here.

Write On,
Brian Goulet