One of the coolest things about most of the Monteverde pens is that you can swap nibs between them, and purchase nibs apart from the pens. The fact you can purchase nibs separately means you can just buy one pen, and get extra nibs of different sizes, to change up your writing experience without having to invest the cost of a whole new pen.

Originally, Monteverde didn’t offer their nibs separately, but shortly after we began carrying the brand and we convinced them of the benefit of doing this, they started offering separate nibs to us.

There are several Monteverde pens that fit the #6 nibs, including the Invincia, Mountains of the World, Prima, Regatta Sport, Rodeo Drive, among others.

These nibs are a little different than other nibs that swap, though, which is precisely why I wanted to make this video. It’s not an extremely complicated procedure to swap the nibs, it just takes a few pointers to make sure it’s done right. Once you get it down, you’ll be a pro in no time.

Write On,
Brian Goulet

P.S. While Monteverde #6 nibs are now made by JoWo (as of Jan 2020), the concept is still the same!