The Monteverde Prima is a ‘new to us’ pen at It was one that we’d kind of overlooked since picking up Monteverde as a brand earlier this summer, but the announcement of a new Turquoise color in the Prima line grabbed our attention, and we thought they were worth a look. We liked what we saw…solid pens, attractive cast resins, and smooth nibs. This puts the pen in good company with the Lamy Studio, TWSBI 540, Lamy CP1, and Pilot Prera.

In this video, I cover:

  • Showing all 7 Prima colors (0:42)
  • Prima details (2:50)
  • Filling mechanism, cartridge/converter (5:50)
  • Removing/swapping nib (8:18)
  • Close ups of each color (9:32)
  • Comparing the Prima to Lamy Al-Star (11:00)
  • Prima weight/balance/posting (11:55)
  • Writing with the Prima 1.1mm stub (13:18)

Products I use in this video:

Monteverde Prima, in Purple Swirl, Orange, Tiger Eye, Green, and Turquoise Swirl.




Write On,
Brian Goulet