In a collaboration between Goulet and Edison, we have designed the Edison Nouveau Encore LE in the beautiful Flecked Tortoise acrylic. It’s a rare material that we never thought would be feasible in a production setting, until Brian Gray was able to acquire enough to make this limited run. Rachel and I had fallen in love with it ever since the first picture we saw over a year ago, and when we were working on prototypes for the Encore release earlier in 2012, Brian made a pen for himself out of this material that he still uses as his go-to pen. He was nice enough to send it to me so I could photograph it, but with the caveat that I return it to him as quickly as possible! ;)

This is the first Encore to have gold trim, as the other three all have rhodium trim. It has a two-tone steel nib (gold-plated) that is offered in fine, medium, and broad. The nib writes nearly identical to a Lamy nib, you can see a comparison towards the end of the video. It is a cartridge/converter fill pen (like most other Edisons), and it can be converted to an eyedropper if you want to increase the ink capacity. This flecked tortoise material is interesting stuff, it almost glows under bright lights like we have in our photo booth, but you can see it looks a little darker in less intense lighting like you see in the video. That’s because it is slightly translucent, and the amber color can change quite a bit based on how the light hits it. It’s good-looking stuff!

Because this material is so hard to come by, we’re only going to be able to do a limited production run on a pre-order basis. What we’re planning at the moment is to accept pre-orders through November 30, 2012. If that turns out not to be enough time for everyone, we may extend it a bit, but we’re not planning to do that at the moment. Once all the orders are in, Brian will be able to finalize all of his materials and begin production on the pens. The target finish date right now is around early-mid-January. We don’t know how many pens there will end up being, but each one will be individually numbered. Custom grinds are available from Brian Gray as well at an additional cost that will be handled directly through him, just let us know about it when you order your pen and we’ll pass along the info to him.

Brian Gray also wrote a blog post about this pen which you can check out.
I’d love to hear what you think of this pen, just post in the comments below!

Write On,
Brian Goulet