The time has come to announce the winners for our Lamy Studio Royal Red Giveaway! The contest was a lot of fun. We were delighted to read such interesting conversation, and we encourage everyone to continue to comment on Ink Nouveau and YouTube. The reason for doing the contest the way we did was partly to give things away, and do so in a way that would be interesting for you to read about what pens and inks others enjoy using as well! Because of the overwhelming response to the contest we haven’t yet had the chance to go back and comment on anyone’s comments, but will plan to do so soon.

We announced the winners live during our Write Time broadcast last night at 9pm EDT. We would normally do this broadcast on a Wednesday, but since yesterday was Fountain Pen Day, we wanted to make it a special celebration. We announced the winners, but also discussed the Pilot Metropolitan, TWSBI Mini, Noodler’s Q’Ternity and 54th Massachusetts, and new Noodler’s Konrad colors.  We also gave away a slew of prizes during the broadcast, so if you’re watching it recorded, know that the prizes are already claimed!

There were a grand total of 1,405 entries from Ink Nouveau, YouTube, and Twitter combined. That’s an amazing response, better than we could have hoped! Without further ado, here are the winners of the 10 prizes!

  • Gerald Taylor, Lamy Studio Royal Red (Ink Nouveau)
  • Dustin Long (alternate), Lamy Studio Royal Red (YouTube)
  • Jessica, J. Herbin 1670 Bleu Ocean (Ink Nouveau)
  • TonicLime, Noodler’s Liberty’s Elysium (Twitter)
  • jakevans1547 (alternate), 3-month Ink Drop membership (Twitter)
  • retro51fan, 3-month Ink Drop membership (YouTube)
  • Emilio Villegas (alternate), 3-month Ink Drop membership (Ink Nouveau)
  • Tamara, $10 gift certificate (Ink Nouveau)
  • shartvigs, $10 gift certificate (YouTube)
  • jwkeckley, $10 gift certificate (Twitter)

These are the names/aliases that were given on each of the sites entered, we will do our best to proactively reach out to each winner, but if you won and haven’t yet heard from us, then please send an email to Rachel claiming your prize. Thank you everyone who participated in this contest, it was a wonderful experience and we will certainly plan to do more of them! In fact, we’ll be doing another one later this week, but more about that later ;)

Write On,
Brian Goulet