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12/12/12 is fun to type! Anyway, here’s a posting of our Write Time broadcast from last night. We talked about:

  • Discontinued TWSBI 540 to be replaced by 580 (3:18)
  • Timeline for the release of TWSBI Mini stub nib units and Vac-700 nib units (12:20)
  • Clear TWSBI Vac-700 release (today!) (13:55)
  • TWSBI Vac-700 inkwells (18:45)
  • TWSBI Eco, 850 (20:20)
  • TWSBI journals (26:50)
  • Gauging interest in TWSBI ballpoints/pencils (29:30)
  • Art Contests for 2013 (41:05)
  • Goulet “Ink Diet” (52:40)
  • Noodler’s 54th Massachusetts and Konrad Brush Pens (59:37)
  • Chat questions, Q&A (1:09:20)

Thanks to everyone who joined us live! There were a lot of really good questions for us, you keep us on our toes ;) We’re going to take off the next couple of weeks off, mainly because the Wednesdays happen to fall right near a lot of work and family gatherings we’re going to be hosting. We know most of you will be busy with family things as well, so we’ll see you at 9pm EST on Jan. 2nd, 2013!

Write On,
Brian Goulet