Lamy Neon Yellow Safari, 2013 Limited Edition

Lamy Neon Yellow Safari, 2013 LE

Every year Lamy comes out with special colors on their pens, and for the last several years they’ve been coming out with a new Safari each year. There were rumors about this year being a neon yellow, and that rumor is entirely true! This pen is called, fittingly, Neon Yellow.

Lamy Neon Yellow Safari, 2013 LE

Lamy Neon Yellow Safari, 2013 LE

Lamy Neon Yellow Safari, 2013 LE
There is a quality to this pen that you can really only appreciate in person. Since I know I’m one of the first to actually see this pen in person, you’ll have to trust me on this. But once the pen becomes available this April/May (in the US) and others start to see it, I bet you’re going to see a lot of folks posting some pretty wild comments about the color.

Like all other Lamy Safari’s, this pen is available with an extra-fine, fine, medium, broad (all in black or steel color), 1.1mm, 1.5mm, and 1.9mm nib. It’ll sell for a list price of $37, with a ‘street price’ of $29.60 at and other sites. This might seem like a little higher than you’ve paid for a Safari in the past, and that’s because Lamy recently underwent a (relatively small) price increase across all the Safari’s, and other pens.

We are being told the pen will become available in the US around mid-May, of course that could always change. One note about this pen’s availability, it’s only being made in a single production run. Unlike past limited colors like the Apple Green and Turquoise Safari’s that have been produced in multiple runs, the Neon Yellow color is so speculative that Lamy is only doing a one-shot deal. I don’t know exactly how many pens they’re making worldwide, but you can anticipate that they won’t be available as long as previous years’ limited colors. It’s impossible at this point to predict how long they’ll last, but I would just encourage you to buy one within the first few months of the release if you know you want one for sure.

This pen is, to put it mildly, very extreme in color. I think that Lamy is really taking a chance making a pen of this color, and it’s likely going to elicit a response of either “I love it!” or “I hate it!”. And that’s perfectly okay in my book! I love to see companies push the envelope, and Lamy is taking a risk with this color. I like to see a company as popular as Lamy still look to be a little edgy and not always play it safe. Bravo! That said, this color is not really my personal taste, but you can bet your bottom dollar I’ll be putting one in my personal collection. I can use it as an emergency road flare in case my car ever breaks down, haha! I’m just kidding, everyone knows I drive an Aztek and that thing will never break down (Breaking Bad, anyone?).

I don’t even think I have to ask, but I will anyway….what do you think?

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Brian Goulet 

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  • I bet it glows under a blacklight. I think I hate it. Altho–it would make a nice highlighter with a 1.9 & some Noodler's!

  • Another safari for my collection πŸ˜› They really need to make a Purple SE

  • pen-ny

    would love to put in a pre-order is that happening @ goulet pens? TIA

  • 407 Flowers

    I want one. Can I order it now?

  • Alex

    The Safari as a whole seems to have a "love it or hate it" quality to it. I happen to love it and now want to buy this and a bottle of Noodler's Firefly to go with it πŸ™‚

  • I'm kicking myself for not checking that when I had the pen in my hands! I only had it for about a 24-hour period. I'm trying to find out right now if it is, though….I don't believe so.

  • omg, they SO need a purple! Trust me, I tell them that ALL the time.

  • We don't do pre-orders for a lot of reasons, but we'll be getting a good stock of these so I highly doubt they'll sell out right away.

  • No, I'm sorry. I don't even know exactly when they'll be out…6-8 weeks from now probably? I'll make sure to announce when they're on the way.

  • Now that is very true, for the pen as a whole. Firefly would be the PERFECT color for this pen!!!

  • christine witt

    I love me some in-your-face color. Cannot wait!

  • James

    Brian, I know this is a hard color to photograph much like blues/purples, but do you think you can do a side by side by side with the Lime Green, Apple Green and this new color Safari?? I would love it! Thanks

  • Mary

    Want,want,want… yes, please. Very excited. Yellow is my favorite color and I was wondering if I needed to get another yellow safari and how would I tell the two apart… now, problem solved. Wonderful!

  • James Hyde

    Brian, I know photographing certain colors like this one or
    blues/purples can be challenging. To my eye, it almost looks like the
    Lime Green Safari. Any way to do a side by side by side photo with the
    Lime Green, Apple Green and this Neon Yellow Safari? That would be greatly appreciated!

  • Ugh another green/yellow. ? We have 4 yellows now from lamy the two old ones the regular one and the special edition with a red clip and three greens 2009 2011 lime and 2012 and In 2013… We get… Another yellow. Oh yay. How …yawn. Lamy PLEASE move away from yellow/green for one year please?!
    I'll probably buy one though…
    A question… Pelican say not to use the highlighter ink in anything but the special pen… Do you know why? This ink would match this pen.

  • I don't think you could misplace this one it shouts "here I am" – will this feature as a give away or a competition prize perchance?

  • Daly de Gagne

    The first Lamy I ever bought was a yellow safari. I was in a local shop today looking at safaris, and considering adding a second yellow safari to my collection. The neon yellow excites me, so I will wait until I can purchase it. I have the lime green from last year, and really appreciate Lamy's vibrant colours.


  • Nicky


  • Nicky

    I have to agree with the sentiment that Lamy have been overusing the yellows and greens. I'd really like to see a nice purple. That said I do think the yellow they;ve chosen is impressively bright.

  • Catwoman

    Yes! I was hoping for a purple this year. I couldn't believe it when I saw this yellow! They HAVE a yellow. From your comments above, I suppose they view this as "more-than-yellow-let's-be different". But it's still yellow. Please keep pushing on the purple. Given what they've been doing for special colors, seems to me a purple would be adventurous.

  • Geoff

    I know I'm stupid but what is the difference between an al star and safari

  • Matthew Morse

    I wish they would have put a black clip on this. They have the black finial and black spacer ring between the section and body, but they put a chrome clip on it. Kind of looks a little out of place. If they had done all black hardware with the neon green and then put black nibs on it, I think it could be a really neat pen.

    Still would love a purple, though.

  • Reminds me somewhat of the lime green. Still, beautiful is the word for it!

  • EveryPenny

    It was hilarious. Made me giggle even watching it a second time. Totally nailed the "personality" of the pen! Hyper.

  • Yes!! I also waiting for Purple SE…… : (

  • Need? πŸ˜‰

  • Mmm…that would be cool.

  • I agree, that would actually have looked pretty cool!

  • It's not the same, really at all. It looks more similar on the computer than it does in person. Side-by-side, they're not that close.

  • Haha, good! I got kind of mixed reviews showing everyone here around the shop, but I thought it was funny and worth doing anyway πŸ™‚

  • You and me and everyone else!

  • ArcaneRadio

    I'm buying one anyway. A fountain pen company that sells an inexpensive limited edition pen every year. How can you pass that up?
    And yeah, a glow in the dark safari would be cool.

  • If you like getting the LE pens anyway, this one is definitely worth adding to the collection! I don't know about a glow-in-the-dark, that might be kind of tough to do! All of the glow-in-the-dark objects I've ever seen have been kind of that translucent pale green material, and it's pretty gross looking when not glowing in the dark πŸ˜›

  • We need to start a petition!

  • Darn it. I got this yesterday and put it in the pocket of my neon yellow motorcycle jacket and now I can't find it!

  • Dave M

    I bought one with the 1.5 nib…along with a bottle of Apache Sunset. Perfect! To me, in person, the color is not so much Neon as Canary. Maybe it’s just that calling it Neon gives it a more pedestrian feel while Canary is more personable. But then, both terms seem to accurately describe an SE Lamy. Any which way, it writes like champ and the 1.5 with the Apache Sunset in a Canary Yellow Lamy seems ‘right’. Love it!