Back in September of 2012, I posted this blog post talking about the change that Noodler’s made to Army Green. It was originally an olive green color, and changed to more of an emerald green. I wasn’t the only one who preferred the original olive color, and the responses on Ink Nouveau and my YouTube video reinforced my thoughts. Army Green was great as it was, and should be changed back.

Left: Original and now current Army Green formula. Right: Old emerald formula made from Sept. 2012-March 2013

Thanks to everyone who posted a comment with their support, Nathan (Noodler’s creator) was able to see the support that the original color had, and decided to change it back. It took from September 2012 until March 2013 for the emerald color to work its way through the Noodler’s distributor, but now I can say that the original Army Green is what will be made going forward. At we’re seeing only the original color coming through our shop, but if you’re looking to buy at other retailers you may just want to ask them which color they have in case they have old stock.

Pat yourselves on the back, everyone! It was because of the grassroots support for the original color that Nathan changed it back. Bravo to Nathan for listening to his fans, too.

Write On,
Brian Goulet