If you like leather pen cases, and you like pretty colors, then check out Sula Jane and Earl. It’s a start-up company from California, that hand-makes pen sleeves, pen wraps, and a journal/notebook/phone cover. Kelly Egan started it, and she’s actually been a fan and customer of Goulet for the last couple of years. We’re happy to be her first major retailer (apart from selling her products directly). Here’s their official website.

A note about the manufacturer:
Founded in Los Angeles in 2012, Sula Jane and Earl is a family business inspired by heritage and a 60 acre family farm in Pennsylvania. Like the land our grandparents farmed, our work is hand made, strong, tactile and beautiful. Each product is sewn, nurtured and cultivated to protect your treasured writing instruments through daily use.

Each pen slip is made of genuine chrome-tanned leather. Chrome tanned leather may tarnish silver and other metals prone to tarnishing if a writing instrument is stored in them for a prolonged period of time. Using the products to transport for daily use, however, should not result in tarnish or wear to the metal.

There are three Sula Jane and Earl products, a Pen Sleeve, Pen Wrap, and Journal, Phone, and Pen Cover. All of them are available in 16 different colors: Absinthe, Carnation, Cerise, Cloud, Coal, Cobalt, Kelly, Marine, Midnight, Plum, Sand, Scarlet, Sierra, Sunshine, Tangerine, and Wisteria.

Pen Sleeves

The Pen Sleeves are single pen slips that are great for transporting a daily carry pen. These are especially handy if you like to carry pens in your pocket, or in some sort of bag/purse where you want your pen easily accessible but also protected, and with a case that takes up minimal space. I personally carry all of my ready-to-access pens in leather pen sleeves, as I find them to protect my nice pens well, and keep them accessible.

These sleeves will hold some pretty big pens, too. Even the Edison Collier, which is one of the largest pens I know, fits in without a problem. This sleeve easily holds TWSBI 580 and Vac-700’s, Pelikan m800’s, and the Noodler’s Ahab with room to spare. And the great variety of colors makes it easy to match the sleeve to the pen or ink that you want to use, which is great if you want to carry different pens around.

Sula Jane and Earl Pen Sleeves, available in 16 colors, fits pens up to around 19mm (0.75in, which is huge)


Sula Jane and Earl Pen Sleeve in Cloud


Sula Jane and Earl Pen Sleeve in Kelly, with a Lamy Charcoal Safari


Sula Jane and Earl Pen Sleeve in Marine, with a Lamy Charcoal Safari resting peacefully inside

Pen Wrap/Writing Sheaf

If you want to keep an arsenal of pens close at hand, then you should check out these Pen Wraps. It’s made to hold 4 pens, all ones that are about as big as the Edison Collier. It’s quite simple, stick the pens in, fold over the flap, roll it up, and tuck the strap under itself. Then you’re all set.

Sula Jane and Earl Pen Wrap, available in 16 colors. Hold 4 pens, each up to 19mm wide (0.75in, which is huge)


Sula Jane and Earl Pen Wrap in Carnation


Sula Jane and Earl Pen Wrap in Coal, filled with pens


Sula Jane and Earl Pen Wrap in Cobalt, with some pens taking a nap inside


Sula Jane and Earl Pen Wrap in Sunshine, filled with pens


Sula Jane and Earl Pen Wrap in Tangerine, with some pens waking up from a restful slumber

Journal, Phone, and Pen Cover

These covers might require a little more explanation than the others. It’s a neat design that allows you to transport a 3.5″x5.5″ notebook (like the Rhodia Webnotebook) or smaller, pretty much any size pen, and a smart phone, all in one leather cover. Bigger journals like Leuchtturm1917 and the Quo Vadis Habana don’t fit though, the Webnotebook is the biggest bound journal I’ve found to fit it. But anything 3.5″x5.5″ or smaller will work well.

You can mix up the arrangement, too. There’s a slit cut in the left side that will hold your phone or a steno-style notebook. The pen goes in the middle, and there’s a slit on the right side that holds a side-bound notebook or a phone. You can forget the phone and hold a side-bound and top-bound notebook, or forget the notebooks and hold two phones if you want! You have options, and the versatility is what makes this fun.

Sula Jane and Earl Journal, Phone, and Pen Cover, available in 16 colors


Sula Jane and Earl Journal, Phone, and Pen Cover in Midnight (dark blue)


Sula Jane and Earl Journal, Phone, and Pen Cover in Cerise, empty


Sula Jane and Earl Journal, Phone, and Pen Cover in Scarlet. Fits a 3.5″x5.5″ notebook, pen, and phone. Shown here with a No. 12 Rhodia pad


Sula Jane and Earl Journal, Phone, and Pen Cover in Wisteria, in an alternate arrangement with a small Rhodia Webnotebook

We’re thrilled for Kelly to be able to do something that she loves, and she’s clearly going about it the right way, too. As a guy who started my company in my dining room, I can certainly appreciate what it takes to start small and create something from an idea and take it global. I’m happy to help to bring Sula Jane and Earl to the lime light, and we look forward to seeing it grow. One of the best things about smaller companies like SJ&E is they’re always open to ideas and feedback, so please, let me know what you think in the comments below!

Write On,
Brian Goulet