Ever since TWSBI announced that they were replacing their flagship pen, the Diamond 540, with the Diamond 580, everyone has been curious what would actually differentiate the two. If you remember, a couple of years ago the Diamond 540 replaced TWSBI’s original pen, the Diamond 530. With that upgrade there were some subtle differences, but there was an increase in ink capacity. Well, there’s nothing that drastic with the changes to the 580, but even still, it’s worth pointing out the differences.

There honestly aren’t any drastic changes from the 540 to the 580. TWSBI has been updating periodically on their Facebook page,  so nothing I’m talking about here should be a huge surprise. Bottom line, if you liked the 540, you’ll also like the 580. The changes were mainly for manufacturing and quality/durability reasons.

The one thing I know I’ll get asked about a lot that I don’t cover in this video is how the nibs perform. The 540 started with Schmidt nibs, then moved to Bock, then Jowo, so it was a little tough to nail down exactly which nib you’d be getting when you bought one. But the 580’s will all be coming with Jowo from their release. I’m told by TWSBI that there shouldn’t be any noticeable difference with these nibs over previous ones, and I’ll test that for myself in a couple of weeks when I have the nib units in stock to be able to write test. But the cool thing is that all of the 530, 540, and 580 nib units are interchangeable, so you can use older nibs on your new 580, or get 580 nibs for your older TWSBI pen.

Write On,
Brian Goulet