If there was one color that I could have chosen for a LAMY AL-Star, it would have been this Matte Black. It’s awesome, with all black details. They did it right! While it’s not yet available in the US (we’re told late-May/early-June), it has been released in other parts of the world. I was originally told that it would be available later in 2013, but the date was pushed up for one reason or another, thank goodness! I’m so excited for these pens to come in, seriously. I did get my hands (temporarily) on a pre-production sample and I was able to squeeze out a video for you here. So here’s what I cover:

  • Overview of the pen (1:58)
  • Comparing to the other Al-Star colors (2:38)
  • Comparison to the Charcoal Safari (3:17)
  • Changing a Lamy nib (4:20)
  • Choosing a converter (5:25)
  • What Limited Edition means for this pen (6:30)
  • Inking it up and writing with it (7:25)
LAMY AL-Star Matte Black, Special Edition


LAMY AL-Star Black, Special Edition, all black accents

The way that Lamy has been doing either Special Edition pens these days is that instead of doing them for a set period of time (a year or so), they are instead a set production run. Sometimes it’s one run, sometimes two, but we never really know how or when the pens will be gone. I’m not 100% sure why they are doing it this way, but what I can say is that the SE pens are not available as long as they used to be. So while I don’t believe that these will be bust-open-the-doors-and-elbow-people-in-the-face-to-get-one limited, I would say you’ll probably want to budget for this pen in the first month or two after it arrives (in the US that is, I can’t speak for availability overseas).

If you’re interested in being notified as soon as we have this pen in stock at Gouletpens.com, go here and sign up for the email notification list. This pen, though special edition, will sell for the same price as the regular Al-Stars at $47 list ($37.60 at GPC).

So what do you think? I know I’m a total tease by showing you this weeks before I even have any to sell…I just want to know your thoughts! You can comment below, on YouTube, @Gouletpens on Twitter, and on Facebook.

Write On,
Brian Goulet