If you’ve been watching Gouletpens.com or get our newsletter, you’ll know that we were planning to shut down our site today so we could do our quarterly physical inventory. Well, we came in all gung-ho and ready to count every single product we have in our warehouse, only to find out that we’ve been mentioned in a thread that’s worked its way to the front page of Reddit.com. A very pleasant surprise!

Here’s the thread, titled What is an item you decided to spend a little bit more on and now you can’t possibly go back to an inferior product? which was started by Reddit user MetaDingus, and in it the conversation about nicer ballpoint pens comes up. Well, mikevalstar sets the conversation straight by mentioning that if you really want a nice writing experience, that fountain pens are the way to go! Sassychupacabra then responds with a  glowing comment about Gouletpens.com and mentions several great starter pens like the Lamy Safari and Pilot Metropolitan, and goes on to help educate the Reddit readers about what fountain pens are all about (something we are real into!).

Needless to say, we’re seeing a lot of new folks interested in pens coming to our site today, and it would be a terrible idea for us to shut down our site, today of all days! So we’re going to reschedule our physical inventory for a later date. This is just an exercise in our of our company’s core principles of “Work Hard, Be Honest, Be Flexible”….the latter being the one our whole company is living out today!

So we decided to put out this video as a thanks, and also as a place for new folks to learn a little bit more about us and about fountain pen use. We’ve been driving hard to educate anyone interested in the fountain pen hobby for over three and a half years now, posting literally hundreds of videos and blog posts covering all kinds of products and useful tips. For anyone new, Fountain Pen 101 will be the first thing you want to check out, as it’ll set you up with a solid foundation and get you into the hobby with a great basis of knowledge. If you have a Reddit account and want to contribute to the conversation, we would love it if you could jump over to the thread and share your fountain pen love.

Write On,
Brian Goulet