• Pearlette unboxing (0:47)
  • Material colors (1:08)
  • Size matters (1:53)
  • Features (3:13)
  • Filling with a converter (6:36)
  • Filling as an eyedropper (7:35)
  • How it writes (9:05)

Edison has brought the Pearlette from their Signature Line pens to the Production Line! This pen was previously only available custom for $225+, but now is available in 3 colors through the Edison retailers (like me) for $149.

The Pearlette is a smaller pen, similar in length to the Edison Nouveau Encore but a little thicker in the body. Here are all the dimensions:

  • Weight w/ Cap 18g
  • Weight w/o Cap 12g
  • Cap Diameter .515″
  • Body Diamater .515″
  • Length Capped 5 3/16″
  • Length Uncapped 4 3/4″

The pens are available in three colors:

  • Deep Indigo Flake
  • Aztec Flake
  • Violet Flake
Here are some of the key features:
  • Smaller pen, similar in size to the Encore and Beaumont
  • Cap is flush with the body, so it’s a very sleek design
  • #5 size nib, available in EF, F, M, and B. They’re removable and available separately.
  • It uses standard international cartridges or converter at about a 0.5ml ink capacity
  • Pen can easily be converted into an eyedropper pen, with a 3ml capacity!
  • Cap screws to close, pushes to post, and posts securely

Edison Pearlette (top to bottom): Deep Indigo Flake, Aztec Flake, and Violet Flake.

Pearlette in Aztec Flake, uses a #5 size nib available in EF, F, M, and B. Pen cap screws closes and pushes to post. This color comes with a two-tone steel nib and a yellow gold clip. This color is very similar to the limited edition Tortoise Flake Encore we sold in November 2012. 

Pearlette in Deep Indigo Blue. This light pen is well-balanced both posted and non-posted, but larger hands might appreciate posting.
Pearlette in Violet Flake, uses a standard international cartridge or converter, and can be eyedropper converted for 3ml ink capacity! This color comes with a steel nib and rhodium-plated clip.

The Pearlette is now available at Gouletpens.com for $149, and extra #5 nibs are available for $20 each. If you’ve had your eye on this pen for a while but didn’t want to pay for a custom Edison Signature pen, you’ll be happy to see this pen now regularly available at the reduced price through retailers. 
Write On,
Brian Goulet