Lamy Safari Cap Finials

Since the re-release of the limited edition pink Lamy Safari, I’ve been getting asked a lot about what the finial looks like on the cap. And for good reason, it’s actually different than it was when the pen was previously available in 2010/2011!

Back then, the finial was pink and round with a hole in the middle, much like other Safaris had been previously (like the orange one).

Lamy Safari Orage (discontinued long ago) with old finial

However, the Safaris coming out now are different, with a black “X” finial. The only one that doesn’t have a black X is the white Safari, for whatever reason it has a gray finial.

Lamy Safari White, the only current one with a non-black finial

The re-issued pink Safari now has the black X finial that all the other (non-white) Safaris have. Everything else on the pen is exactly the same as it was in the previous release. I’m guessing that this is kind of a global change that they’ve made in recent years, to standardize the finial and further the economy of scale that comes from repeatability and sharing parts across colors/models.

Comparison of the new and old pink Lamy Safari, everything else on the pen is the same.

I hope this helps answer any questions about the pink Safari! This is a limited edition pen that won’t be around but for a month or two, I’m guessing. Lately, Lamy has been releasing their LE pens in single batches, rather than for a set period of time. So if you had your eye on the pink a couple of years ago and missed out, then you should really not wait around too long before jumping on it this time. I’m a retailer who sells it so I do have a bit of a conflict of interest in telling you to ‘hurry up and buy’, so you should take that into account. But in all honesty, if you really want this pink Safari, you should at least put this pen at the top of your ‘to buy’ list. At we’re selling it for $29.60 (list price is $37), and you can get it in EF, F, M, and B nibs in black or steel, as well as 1.1mm, 1.5mm, and 1.9mm in steel.

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  • Liessa

    To make things even more confusing there is also a pink Safari with a pink cross finial. I got that one because it matches the style of the Aquamarine and Apple Green LEs. This version will blend in nicely with the regular line and most recent LE though, iirc the blue/red/yellow/black and the Neon LE all have these black cross finials 🙂

  • Liessa

    This blogpost has a pic of all 3 styles:

  • millicent

    Surely I can't be the only one who dislikes the round hole. I like the "X marks the spot" concept. I didn't like when Bic cut a hole in the caps of their pens either.

    I'm guessing Lamy's design decisions are all $$ based. With so many devoted, even rabid, collectors who want 1 each of everything, it is an easy choice. Tthen there are the legions who buy only a few pens. If there are intended production differences, ownership is a tad more exclusive because there isn't one just one generic version to be owned by millions. It has the cachet of some rarity without the unobtanium price tag.

    Just my guess, but I did like it better before there were so many varieties – and certainly "pre hole" days.

  • dan

    I hope they re-release the orange. That color looks amazing.

  • astra2

    Hmm, I have a red (non limited edition) Safari that is several years old that has the black finial. They must switch back and forth.

  • Interesting! I haven't seen this style…I guess they just do as they feel 😉

  • The orange is pretty awesome! This was sold before I even carried Lamy in my store, I was fortunate to get one for my personal collection.

  • cool, thanks!

  • Yeah, I'm not wild about the hole either, I like the X much better. I don't know the reasoning, whether it's intentional changes for the sake of making different versions 'rare' or different, or whether it's just what's most practical at the time they manufacture an individual colors. Lamy doesn't share their reasoning with me, I have to speculate just like everyone else 🙂

  • Oh weird, that's interesting. I guess there really isn't a rhyme or reason.

  • Liessa

    I want an orange one with an orange X finial 😉
    They exist, but I don't want it badly enough to pay 80 or more euros for it on ebay O_o

  • staylo

    When will we see Goulet brand replacement Lamy finials? As I typed this sentence out, what began as a joke has become a request…

  • David

    I would be very disappointed if I bought a Safari and it showed up with a hole.

  • Armen

    I have the same thing my red Safari is 5 plus years and has the black x cap.

  • Gtg

    Brian please pardon my ignorance but what is the difference between the safari and the all star

  • Paddywhack

    I'm presuming that these are perpendicular slots that allow tightening of screw threads using a coin as a screwdriver. Not actually having a Lamy, this is just a guess based on past experience.

  • rakusilver

    Are the finials user-removable — could you swap them out to make a customized Safari? If yes, might they be available through Lamy?

  • t¡m

    No, it's purely a free-rotating façade. It will turn, but it won't drive anything. As I understand, it was once functional, but over the years they refactored it to save money.

    You can take it apart, but not easily, and you're not supposed to. What you have to do, is hammer on the top of the cap from the *inside* to force the top out. I tried it on my Lamy Al-Star to see if I could rejuvenate the cap seal. I wailed on it as best I could (without proper tools) for about half an hour, but all that happened is that the finial protrudes about 1/8" now. It's not easy.

  • t¡m

    They're not intended to be user-removable, so you can't get replacements. You can actually remove them, but it is not easy… See my reply to Paddywhack below, and/or google the FPN forums.