Leuchtturm1917 and Original Crown Mill Price Increase on August 1st

Well, this is never really welcome news, but two of the paper brands I carry on my site are going up in price…pretty significantly, I’m afraid. These were price increases handed down from our distributors, and are going into place on Thursday, August 1.

We wanted to let you know in advance before the price increases go into effect so you can stock up at the old prices if you so desire. We do still have our quantity discount program in place (see the individual product pages for more information), to help maximize your savings.

So without further ado, here are the new prices:

Leuchtturm1917 Notebooks
Hardcover Pocket: $10.00 to $12.95 (+29.5%)
Hardcover Large: $14.00 to $18.95 (+35%)
Hardcover Master: $28.00 to $32.95 (+14%)
Softcover Pocket: $9.00 to $10.95 (+22%)
Softcover Large: $12.00 to $15.95 (+30%)
Pen Loops: $4.00 to $4.95 (+24%)
Jottbook Pocket: $4.00 to $3.95 (-1%)
Jottbook Large: $6.00 to $4.95 (-17.5%)

Original Crown Mill
Pure Cotton A5 Tablet: $11.00 to $13.90 (+26%)
Pure Cotton A4 Tablet: $15.90 to $17.90 (+13%)
Pure Cotton A5 Matching Envelopes: $11.00 to $13.50 (+23%)
Pure Cotton A4 Matching Envelopes: $13.00 to $13.90 (+7%)
Classic Laid A5 Tablets: $9.00 to $9.90 (+10%)
Classic Laid A5 Matching Envelopes: $9.00 to $9.90 (+10%)

I’m sorry that we have to do this. It tends to happen with most brands usually once a year. At least you have just over a week to stock up at the old prices. Sound off in the comments with any questions or comments you have.

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  • Robert Guthrie

    That's really too bad about the Leuchtturms. They were really good notebooks for the price, so long as I was careful which pen+ink combo I used with them. If they turn out to be using thicker paper, I might get another one, but at those prices, I might as well spring for a Rhodia Webnotebook.

  • David

    Ouch. Price "Spike". BTW Brian, I can give you a few reasons why I don't use Moleskine notebooks, but I'm interested to know why you don't carry the brand?

  • Chaton

    Maybe because Moleskine is not good paper for fountain pens ? Lot of bleedthrough, etc…

  • John

    Up until now, the cheaper price came with the trade-off of lower paper quality (compared to Rhodia et al.). Let's hope that the price increase indicates a forthcoming improvement in the paper. Otherwise, it seems that Leuchtturm1917 would have a hard time justifying it.

  • Rocky Huang

    Wow that's sad… Better stock up on Crown Mill I guess. That's my prime correspondence paper and I'm not giving it up yet.

  • Rocky Huang

    Yep Chaton is spot on with this one. It's also a very scratchy sort of paper.

  • Starchix

    I've just decided to start my search for a good quality writing paper (for letters) and here I am, suddenly looking at paper from Goulet! Duh — why didn't I look sooner? Now I want an opinion or comparison between the Original Crown Mill and the G Lalo tablets — has anyone tried both? I don't mind paying a bit more for excellent paper, but want something that will take yummy inks without being scratchy, and I am concerned that laid paper will be scratchy — feedback, anyone?

  • Rocky Huang

    Man what's with all the bad FP related news this week? It's a good thing I'm having a good mood this week.

  • Rocky Huang

    Laid paper will definitely feel like it has more texture, that's because it does. But the softness of the cotton kinda makes up for that. So it doesn't mean you won't get texture but it's not rough like sandpaper either. It's a very surreal sensation to describe.

  • Rocky Huang

    G. Lalo is definitely a less 'bumpy' class of paper. Both are excellence choices for correspondence and I use both religiously. It depends on my mood and the occasion actually.

  • Rocky Huang

    I've got a suggestion, how about I write you a letter using both papers for comparison?

  • sniffy

    I'm a big Leuchtturm fan, but I agree with others that a price increase like this will push me either toward finding cheaper alternatives, or higher quality paper at similar prices. Not sure what they're thinking…

  • snedwos

    The Jotbooks are cheaper, though… hmmm…

  • David

    Yes, as a FP user almost exclusively, those are the same reasons I don't use Moleskine. But the notebooks do perform OK with ballpoints and rollers, and they seem to be quite popular. So I was wondering why Brian doesn't carry them.

    If I were selling Moleskine notebooks, I would put a big Caveat Note next to the order button warning that the paper doesn't mix well with fountain pens. Anyway, I'm way OT here.

  • Rocky Huang

    That a question that Brian's is going to have to answer himself. Maybe the demand isn't high enough with his regular clientele?