I published this blog post last week before I went to the 2013 DC Pen Show asking for advice on vintage pens to pick up, and I got a lot of great advice! Admittedly there were far more pens I wanted to buy than I actually walked away with, partly because of time constraints at the show, and partly because of budgetary constraints. Thankfully, Rachel was there with me to keep me in line ;)

Here are the pens I ended up walking away with:

  • Parker 21 (gift, from Harvey, thank you!), fine steel burgundy with metal cap
  • Parker 51 vac-fill medium gold nib, black with metal cap
  • Esterbrook J, green lever-fill with medium 9556 steel nib
  • Esterbrook SJ, amber lever-fill with fine 9556 steel nib
  • Sheaffer Snorkel, medium gold nib, burgundy

There were a lot of other great suggestions and pens that I wanted to walk away with…Parker 45, Parker 75, Parker Vacumatic, Parker Duofold, Sheaffer Targa, Sheaffer PFM, Sheaffer Imperial, Sheaffer Balance, Wahl/Eversharp Skyline, Waterman Ideal….but they were all either not within my sight or my budget. C’est la vie.

Vintage pens are a slippery slope, and I can definitely see the appeal because there’s well over 100 years of history behind most of these companies. If you love pens and love history, then you’re basically hopeless if you ever start to fall down this rabbit hole…for me though, I am not diving in deep. I really wanted these pens just to have some of the most iconic and classic vintage pens just for my own education, enjoyment, and appreciation for what pens have stood the test of time. I’m pleased to add these to my already existing collection of a Waterman 52 and Mabie Todd Swan.

Thanks to all of you who helped point me in the right direction!

Write On,
Brian Goulet