A year and a half after its introduction, it’s time to say goodbye to the Edison Nouveau Encore, an exclusive pen we helped develop with the Edison Pen Company. We love this pen and it was a painful decision to make, but we really feel it’s for the best.

Long story short, there were several factors that contributed to our decision to discontinue this pen from production:

  • The center band and medallion in the cap are pretty, but too ‘blingy’ for many Edison fans
  • The medallion especially drove up the production costs of the pen, making it more expensive than other Edison production pens
  • The pen uses a smaller #5 nib, which is not sharable with other Edison production pens that use #6 nibs
  • The Edison Beaumont was released about 4 months after the release of the Encore, and it’s too similar and uses a #6 nib for a lower price

Ultimately, what it boils down to is the Encores just haven’t sold that well, especially since the Beuamont came out. We have been continuing to offer this pen longer than we probably would have if we were less personally affiliated with it, as it’s been a hard decision to make letting this pen go. It was after we met with Brian and Andrea Gray of Edison Pens at the 2013 DC Pen Show that we all finally admitted to ourselves that this pen was meant for a season, and that season has passed.

Our introductory Edison-exclusive (the Premiere) is still going strong though, so don’t worry about that one. We will be doing a Premiere LE this fall and we’ll be freshening up the line with some new colors this coming spring. We will continue to carry all of the other Edison production-line pens (Beaumont, CollierHerald, Hudson, Pearlette, and Premiere).

We still have a moderate stock of Encores, but no more will be made from this point. We have discontinued them and lowered the price from the normal $165 down to $145, so if you have had one of these pens on your wish list, you may want to bump it to the top. I don’t know how long we’ll have them hanging around, my guess would be a few weeks.

Write On,
Brian Goulet