This is the third episode of Goulet Q&A, where I answer your fountain pen, ink, and paper questions. Every week I take your questions on YouTubeTwitterFacebook, and, and answer them in this video. This was was an open-forum just like Episode 1 and Episode 2, and I’ve posted the questions below with time stamps for easy reference.Next week I’ll be mixing things up a little bit, with a theme of “Getting into the hobby”. I’ve done several Fountain Pen 101 videos to cover the basics of getting into fountain pens, but I know I didn’t cover everything there. If you have any questions about starting out with fountain pens, regarding pens, ink, paper, or anything else  you wonder about, just ask in the comments.
Here are the questions for this week:1) Patrick H.- Facebook (1:30):
What approach would you recommend for trying to improve one’s handwriting? For instance, would you use formal drills like in the classic Palmer method? Any books or other materials you’d recommend? I’m an active member of Fountain Pen Network and would certainly recommend browsing a site like that. I’m also happily using EC Mills’ “Modern Business Penmanship” (from 1903!). I’m curious to hear your ideas.2) Stuart- email (4:51):
Do you own a shirt with a collar?  I don’t think I have ever seen you in any of your videos wear anything but a t-shirt of some form or another.3) enado18- YouTube (6:16):
What’s the difference between bulletproof and eternal inks? Can the difference be demonstrated?

4) Myke Niemira- email (8:26):
How does the ‘flex’ of the new Platiunum Cool compare to the Noodler’s Ahab nibs? Does it take more or less pressure to get the line variation?

5) Philip C.- email (10:29):
Which non-black inks fade less over time when used in journals? I like blue such as Asa GAO or red inks such as Diamine oxblood. I also like diamine ancient copper. Any recommendations for which may resist fading the best?

6) PapaKuma- Ink Nouveau (14:42):
You always include a piece of candy with your shipments. What is your favorite and how often do you sneak a piece out of the stockpile?

7) Ted- Ink Nouveau (16:09):
I know that you have been complimented for the quality of your packaging, but I wonder if you have ever discussed trying to use less plastic (less packaging generally) for environmental considerations. Americans are often criticized for overvaluing packaging beyond what is actually necessary (and thus become wasteful).

8) RGH- Ink Nouveau (19:24):
I like to keep a pen and notebook in the car for jotting down ideas (and to-do’s). Unfortunately I live in the swamp of North Florida, and FPs really don’t like being left in the car in 95+ heat. I don’t care about ‘destroying’ the looks, I just want it to work when I take the cap off. Likewise I like to go for walks when I’m working through a problem (even when it’s hot), and again I take a pen with me – generally stuck in a shorts pocket (too hot to wear a shirt with a pocket). FPs on the whole don’t like being joggled around so there is often ink on the section and in the cap ..not cool! So, any suggestions about which pens might solve these problems? At the moment I keep a mechanical pencil on hand for both of these uses.

9) liban- Ink Nouveau (22:30):
What do you do to the pens that you’ve used in video reviews and the nib nook? Do they get placed in the Bottom Shelf or does the warehouse have a copy of every pen/nib you sell?10) Derick B.-email (23:32):
The Noodler’s Ahab pens with Goulet Nibs have become my daily carry pens – perfect size, great ink volume and the are SO adjustable. What are Nathan’s plans for the Ahab? Will your out-of-stock Ahabs be back and will there be any new colors in the future? When will you sell Goulet Pen Company or Ink Nouveau shirts and hats? I’ve got to have them!11) Kevin Landon- Facebook (25:44):
Since I began using fountain pens the big question has been converter or bottle fill only pens. I started with converters and went to piston fill until they stopped working and had to be repaired. Went back to Lamy and Waterman converter models until I felt brave enough to buy a Pelikan m200 recently. Where do you stand on the whole converter versus piston fill systems on fountain pens?

12) SuperAe1995- YouTube (28:25):
I am a student in high school and I tend to go through paper like water during the school year. Is there any type of cheap paper that works better than others?

Thanks so much for all of your great questions, keep them coming! Have a great week, everyone.

Write On,
Brian Goulet