We have the official word from Pilot: this year’s limited edition Vanishing Point is coming this November 2013. This year is extra special since it’s the 50th anniversary of the Capless in Japan, so this pen is extra special too.

The body is made of maple wood, with gold hardware. It comes beautifully packaged in a matching wooden box.

This year the quantities are even more limited than in the
past – only 900 will be available worldwide, with 300 allocated to the
US market. We’ll definitely be getting some, so don’t worry about that!

The price is a bit higher than in the past, coming in at $550 list price (we’ll be selling it at a 20% discount for $440).

While it traditionally comes standard with a medium nib, we can swap it out for a fine or broad in the matching gold trim, or EF-B in the rhodium trim (or even the black nib, coming out soon!).

What do you think of this year’s pen? A must-have for your collection?

Write On,
Rachel Goulet