**Update** We no longer carry the Monteverde Nighthawk

The Monteverde Invincia Deluxe Nighthawk is a pen that is near and dear to my heart, as it’s one I helped design with Monteverde. However, there are some slight design tweaks that needed to be made, and I wanted to share with you what those are. These are purely aesthetic changes, and don’t at all affect the function of the pen:

The weave of the carbon fiber- originally, there was a slightly fatter carbon fiber weave diamond pattern, but it has been changed to a tighter weave square pattern. You may not have even been able to tell the difference without seeing them side-by-side. This change was made in order to help improve quality control in the manufacturing process.

Logo on the cap finial- on the original, there was minimal branding on the pen, to keep the sleekness of the pen to its highest level. This is something Monteverde allowed for me in the first two batches of pens, but in order to keep with consistency with the rest of their pen line, they wanted to logo the cap finial. It wasn’t a big deal to me, as the logo is a black silkscreen and is very subtle. That will just make the original pens that much more special!

Branding on the center band- on the original, all the pen said on the center band was “Monteverde USA”, but it will now also say the full model of the pen “Invincia Deluxe Nighthawk”. It’s in black silkscreen like all of the other logos, so it looks slick and doesn’t detract from the stealthiness of the pen.

Green box- the original batch of 120 pens came with a special black and red box, and I announced in the original video that it was limited. From here on out, the Nighthawks will be shipped in the green and white box that all other Monteverde pens do.
The Nighthawk has been a bit of an elusive beast, this order that came in yesterday has only been the third order we’ve ever received, in 5 months. And this is on an exclusive pen…so we know it has been frustrating for you if you’ve wanted one. We did just get in another order, and while we may sell out of these soon, we’re supposed to be getting more in a few weeks. The Nighthawk is $108 at Gouletpens.com, and is available in fine, medium, broad, and 1.1mm stub. For more detailed information on the pen, see here
Write On,
Brian Goulet