This week’s Goulet Q&A episode is Inside the Goulet Minds, where we took questions about how we started our company, and why we do things the way we do them. We didn’t get a lot of questions, but that’s quite alright because the ones we did get were really, really good! And we’re a bit long-winded anyway so we had no problem filling the time and then some.

If you’ve ever been curious about how we came about, or if you miss the dynamic that Rachel and I had during our live Write Time broadcasts (now canceled), then you will love this video. Here are this week’s questions:

1) Rori Rants- email (3:38):
Did Goulet Pens evolve organically from your hobby of turning pens? Or did you and Rachel sit down and create a vision for what you wanted a business to become from the beginning? Did you do work on what you really wanted to do with your lives? Or is Goulet Pens one of those things where opportunity met need and it just “happened”.

2) Jessica B.- email (17:14):
Since you are a literal Mom and Pop business, where did you guys meet? You guys have shared a lot of back-story but I don’t recall that being addressed.

3) jordanjay29- Ink Nouveau (25:33):
How do you balance being a parent with being a business owner, and what role, if any, do your kids play in your day-to-day lives at work?

4) Susan_T_meowmda- Ink Nouveau (30:55):
On hindsight, what one thing would you do differently if you were starting your business now?

5) David B.- Facebook (34:52):
Can you share your thoughts on why you do not have (or want) a brick-and-mortar retail store (internet only).

6) Paul Yeoman- YouTube (43:29):
In the early days of Goulet Pens, did you have a mentor or a business coach? If so, what did he she help you with? If not, how did you learn how to build such a successful business on your own?

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Thanks to all of you who asked us questions. The battery died on the camera before we were able to really wrap up, so I will let you know here that next week’s Q&A theme will be “Notebooks and Paper”. Whatever questions you have about paper for your fountain pens, I will do my best to answer them. Be sure to check out older Q&A videos here, too.

Paper is a deep, deep rabbit hole, but I will do my best! Just post your questions for next week in the comments below, or you can send an email to, which is a new email that we’ve set up specifically for receiving Goulet Q&A questions.

Write On,
Brian Goulet