Here is another episode of Goulet Q&A, our 9th one so far! This one is a little bit longer at 51 minutes, because I had a lot of really good questions about paper and notebooks that I wanted to answer. I kick off the video recapping on last week’s episode. Here are this week’s questions:

1) Andrew M.- email (6:15):
Desert island. One type of paper. What is it?

2) Musicmaven- InkNouveau (8:14):
Do you know if Quo Vadis is even thinking about bringing back the white lined paper (even as an option to ivory) in the Habana?

3) Keri- Ink Nouveau (10:19):
I am ready to jump on a plane to visit the Rhodia headquarters and beg for top-spiral dotpads in person (except I could probably buy a few coveted, spendy pens for the price of a plane ticket). Have you heard anything about production starting on them again? Or do you have any suggestions for an alternative, if not dot grid?

You wouldn’t have or be able to include in the next Q&A video a side-by-side comparison of the Rhodia and Clairefontaine grid paper, would you? It looks like Clairefontaine is a bit lighter, which is desirable since the Rhodia’s lines often feel too heavy/dark, but I haven’t been able to find a comparison photo with my googling this afternoon.

4) Loren S.- Facebook (13:27):
Tomoe River?

5) Philip K.- email (14:48):
What notebook / loose leaf paper is good for High School / College Students?

6) Joshua K.- Facebook (17:53):
Who makes the best lower cost loose leaf paper? Be it a fancy French brand or not.

7) Alice M.- Facebook (19:18):
What paper do you recommend for printing downloadable stationery that is fountain pen friendly!

8) Nate B.- Facbeook (20:33):
Where are some places to get cheap lined 90gsm paper? Also is there much of a difference between 90gsm and 100gsm paper? (A video example would be nice)

9) Many people- (21:50):
What does gsm/g/gm2 mean when talking about paper thickness/weight?

10) Ted- Ink Nouveau (25:10):
Do either you or Rachel like to use laid paper? And if so, what nib(s) do you like to use on it?

11) Joseph Q.- Facebook (28:26):
Which is more fountain paper friendly, the Quo Vadis Habana or the Leuchtturm1917?

12) Randall P.- Facebook (31:14):
3.5×5.5 pocket notebooks that are fountain pen friendly?

  • Refills That Fit A Passport Midori Traveler’s Notebook video
  • Clairefontaine C68596
  • Clairefontaine Life.Unplugged Roadbook
  • Clairefontaine Life.Unplugged Staplebound Duo
  • Midori Traveler’s Notebook- Passport
  • Rhodia Unlimited
  • Rhodia Webnotebook
  • Banditapple Peewee
  • Field Notes
  • Leuchtturm Pocket (slightly larger)

13) Dujuan J.- Facebook (32:38):
Are you still using your midori traveler’s notebook? If not, why? If so, could you update us on how you are using it?

14) Cws- Facebook (35:31):
What is your opinion of the Whitelines notebooks? Are they any good for fountain pen writing?

15) Jessica B.- Facebook (38:34):
Piggy-backing on this, could you show the Rhodia weekly planner? I’m interested in the layout and it’s kind of hard to tell in photos.

16) @bftsystems- Twitter (41:14):
How about options for carrying your pens WITH your notebooks, e.g. Pen loops, sleeves, elastics,whatever

17) @silverbreeze- Twitter (43:38):
Out of the FP friendly notebooks which lays flattest?

18) Sam- Ink Nouveau (46:30):
Have you considered selling Black n’ Red notebooks? I find them good for writing with a fountain pen.

Thank you so much to everyone who submitted your questions! Without you I’d just be a crazy person talking to his camera. Next week will be an open forum again, I think I’m finding a groove of alternating between a theme one week and an open forum the next week. This will allow me to answer a good variety of questions. If you have any questions for next week, you can leave a comment below, ask on Twitter at #GouletQA, ask on our Facebook page, or email Be sure to check out any old Goulet Q&A’s that you might have missed here, and have a great weekend!

Write On,
Brian Goulet