Introducing: Edison Nouveau Premiere Macassar Ebonite LE 2013

We’re announcing something pretty special today, the release of the 2013 Limited Edition collaborative pen between the Goulet Pen Company and Edison Pen Company. In 2011, we introduced the Edison Nouveau Premiere to the world, and it has been a very popular pen for a lot of reasons. It was Edison’s first foray into production (non-custom) pens, and it was Goulet’s first design collaboration with a pen manufacturer.

Though the Premiere is a pen that is available regularly on our site, about once a year we like to do something special and offer a limited edition pen out of a special material. In summer 2011 is was a stunning blue and black ebonite in the Premiere, and in late 2011 it was a red and black ebonite Premiere we called Cherry Cordial. Last year we did an LE for our Encore pen model out of the phenomenal Flecked Tortoise resin.

This year, we’ve given it a lot of thought and wanted to go back to an ebonite Premiere, for a couple of reasons. For one, there isn’t any production Edison pen available in ebonite, and making them in a large batch like this makes what would normally be a $250 pen in Edison’s custom Signature line, and allows us to offer it for $200.

What’s exciting to us is the material that we chose for the pen. This is an ebonite that Edison has never used before as it is being purchased through a new supplier. We considered a lot of different colors of ebonite, but this particular one really grabbed us. The Macassar Ebonite has the deep tone and subtle coloring that the original blue and black ebonite had from our first LE. But what really strikes me personally about it is the shade of very dark brown/ black and beige in a wood grain patter reminds me of the exotic wood Macassar Ebony that both I and Brian Gray worked with back in our wood pen turning days. This wood was one of my personal favorites, and this ebonite looks and feels almost exactly like a highly polished lacquer-coated Macassar Ebony. This has all of the beauty of that wood but with the durability, feel, and strangely delicious smell of ebonite.

The Premiere takes a #6 Edison nib made by reputable nib maker Jowo in Germany, and is available in stainless steel extra-fine, fine, medium, broad, 1.1mm stub, and 1.5mm stub. A rhodium-plated 18k gold nib upgrade is available as well, for $125. It is a standard international cartridge/converter fill pen (like most other Edisons), and it can be converted to an eyedropper if you want to increase the ink capacity. The trim of the pen is rhodium to match the nib. There will also be an engraved accent that shows the pen’s name, along with an individual number for that pen out of the total of all that are made, that will be backfilled in a silver color to match the trim.

We are accepting pre-orders through November 30, 2013, this will be the open buy period for this pen. Once the buy period ends, Brian will finalize all of his materials and begin production on the pens. The target delivery date right now is January 2014. The ebonite is going through a new supplier, so there is a remote possibility there could be a delay if the deliver takes an unusual amount of time. If this happens, we will give updates to everyone who places an order. We aren’t going to impose a limit on the number of pens produced, but they will not be available after November 30th. Each pen will be individually numbered and will accompany a certificate of authenticity signed by both Brians.

We’re happy to be able to offer the Edison Nouveau Macassar Ebonite LE Premiere to you today. If you’re so inclined, head over here and pre-order one for yourself for $200, or at least leave me a comment below to let me know what you think of the pen.

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Brian Goulet

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  • Good lookin' pen. Also, have you lost a whole bunch of weight lately?

  • Freddy

    A gorgeous pen and DANG, your videos get better and better! I agree with Mike, lookin' good with the weight loss (but don't lose any more). 😉

  • Chuck Roemer

    Oh Brian, that is a beauty! I think one will look very complimentary next to my Cherry Cordial Nouveau Premier LE. And I like your phrase "strangely delicious smell of ebonite." Yes.

  • Lindsay Resnick

    Yeah, he had a video about a month or so ago where he said he lost like 30 pounds. He's probably lost more since then.

  • Thanks for noticing : ) Yeah, I'm down to about 207 now, coming down from 245 this past June. At my peak I was 258, and you can see that in my videos around the time I was shooting all the Fountain Pen 101 videos.

  • Yeah, about 8 more pounds since then, going for 8 more then I'll stop 🙂

  • Thanks! Yeah, I enjoyed doing something a little different with this one. Haha, I appreciate the shoutout, I don't have too much further I'm looking to go with the weight loss, just another 8 pounds or so. I've lost close to 40 so far, another 8 is doable (though I have slowed down!).

  • Haha, it is strangely delicious, isn't it? Yeah, I've been saving the artist proofs of these pens as we've released them, and I'm really glad. I'll have to shoot a video one day showing all 4 of the Edison Nouveau LE pens we've done so far! Yeah, the Cherry Cordial was great, I'm normally not too big on gold trim, but that pen just cried out for it!

  • Erik Mohrbeck

    What a beautiful pen. I just wish I had the money to order one. Maybe I'll get a future one if there is ;]

  • PenFan42

    Beautiful pen! At first, after not carefully reading the title, I thought perhaps Brian (Goulet) was returning to woodworking and producing a pen made of Macassar Ebony. Might have to add this one to my Christmas gift list!

  • Fredrik Lindroth

    Good on ya! I'm having a bit of a weight loss project going on myself (so far down to 91 kg/201 lbs from 98/216), and beautiful pens like this certainly make it easier since there's less money over for food. Currently waiting on my Vac700 from you!

  • Good for you! I've also lost about 30lbs this summer. It's the summer of slim-ish.

  • Thanks! Yeah, it's not cheap, I'll admit that.

  • Haha, yeah, not likely. I have toyed with the idea of wood turning again, purely as a hobby though. It's not anything I'll do soon because I have since moved my personal home and don't have the workshop setup anymore. Plus, I just don't have time with 2 kids and a staff of 18, but one day if/when I get to a place where I'm able to have a hobby again, I would love to work with wood again. In the meantime, I do rather enjoy working with craftsman like Brian Gray to help promote beautiful things 🙂

  • Suzy Lyons

    What a gorgeous pen! I've been thinking about getting a Premiere and this news sealed the deal. Who could pass up that beautiful ebonite? Placed my order last night.

  • Feriska Drajat

    Wow! It's awesome! Beautiful pen.

  • David

    Is it just me or would gold tone trim go much better with the color of this pen?