It’s been about two years since you’ve heard me talk about the German pen brand Kaweco here on Ink Nouveau. It’s a line that we used to carry at but dropped because of inventory complications and supply issues with our distributor, even though we were always fond of the pens themselves. I made several videos that showed the pens and how to use them, and they’re kind of amusing looking back now because you can see piled up dirty laundry in the background as I’m shooting in my bedroom! My how times have changed…well, at least now my laundry piles aren’t being shown on camera…

Here are some of the videos I made before that are worth checking out:

  • Kaweco at– the first video I made in July 2011 introducing the brand as we were carrying it at the time, some info may be outdated now 
  • How to convert a Kaweco to an eyedropper fill pen– made this the day after the above video; video quality is so-so, but the content is good, I show how only using silicone grease you can fill the whole body with ink
  • Kaweco eyedropper leak troubleshooting– nothing in life is perfect, and because I had a few people emailing me about having their eyedropper converted pens leak, I shot this video in Oct. 2011 to show people how to minimize the risk of leaking. It’s relevant for pretty much any eyedropper, not just Kawecos
  • Kaweco nib size comparison– Aug. 2011, we’d expanded beyond the medium-only option and special ordered a wide array of Kaweco nibs, and I showed them here. This was before we’d created the Nib Nook, which we launched in November of 2011

I made this video today to introduce the pens to those who have never heard of them, and reintroduce them to those who knew them but haven’t seen them in a while. Some key reasons I wanted to bring these pens back to our store:

  • New distributor- should allow us to stock a wider selection of pens and nib sizes without having to special order them as we did before. We suffered with 3-4 month lead-times and constant delays before, but we anticipate far fewer logistical complications this go-around
  • New converter- part of the trouble with Kaweco before was that their pens are too small for a normal standard international converter, and the only one that (sort of) fit it before was a Monteverde Mini converter, which we didn’t even carry at the time (we do now!). In the last year or so Kaweco has come out with their own squeeze-style mini converter that not only fits this pen, but also fits other shorties like the Sheaffer VFM (which the Monteverde Mini doesn’t even fit)
  • We like the pens! We always have, and it was a really tough decision for us to stop carrying them. The logistics made it so we couldn’t practically continue doing so before, but with the changes we’re now seeing, we anticipate that we’ll be able to carry them and keep them in stock for you.

We’re starting off with the Classic Sport and ICE Sport, with most of the colors offered and in fine and medium nibs. The two pen models are essentially the same, the main difference is the Classic are all solid-body colors with gold-plated trim, and the ICE have a clear body and translucent colored cap with rhodium-plate trim. Both have stainless steel nibs, and there is a separate clip that’s available that can be put on any of the pens.

More nib sizes and pen colors will be available as the distributor gets stock in, so over the next several months you’ll see more available. Both models are $27, and come in a compact little cardboard box. They take standard international cartridges, which there are some available by Kaweco, but also from other ink brands like Diamine, J. Herbin, Private Reserve, and many others. You can find out more detailed information about Kaweco pens on

There are other Kaweco models that we’re looking into (like the Al-Sport, ART Sport and Liliput), and we’ll investigate those as they become available to use and we hear from you that you want us to carry them. For now, we’ll rock what we have.

I’d love to hear what you think about Kaweco, especially if you’ve been able to use their snazzy little converter. I’m very open to redoing some Kaweco videos, since it’s been kind of a while since I made any. Doing one specifically on the mini converter is most definitely on my to-do list.

Welcome back, Kaweco, it’s good to have you home :)

Write On,
Brian Goulet