The third post in our four-part Personal Shopper series by our own
Katy Campbell! Join us over the next few weeks as she shares her
favorite gift ideas.

When I started working at The Goulet Pen Company, most of my friends and family were a little perplexed about what a fountain pen really was, and to be honest so was I. On my first day of working here, I was totally new to fountain pens, but I came to love them quickly because I had the opportunity to interact with so many amazing products and the community that surrounds them. (Seriously, y’all are awesome.)

This year, a number of people on my Christmas list are where I used to be, a newbie. They’re interested in fountain pens, but overwhelmed by all the choices. These are my most favorite gifts for someone who is new to the fountain pen hobby. Give them the gift of writing and welcome them into this fun and somewhat quirky group of fountain pen enthusiasts.

Pilot Metropolitan

Sometimes I feel like a broken record recommending this pen but I just love it! The Pilot Metropolitan is a non-intimidating way to write with something a little special. There are the classic black, silver and gold models that Dad will love taking to work. Plus, now there are the fun animal print models that your crazy aunt will pinch your cheeks thanking you for. The medium nib is great for everyday writing and it already comes with a cartridge converter, which means they can start using fancy bottled ink on day one.

Lamy Safari

This is the first pen I ever used, so it kind of holds a special place in my heart.

The Lamy Safari will get people hooked. There are so many fun colors available that you can really personalize your gift. You’ve got a girlie pink option and a serious black one too. If you have a teenager, why not surprise them with the hot Neon Safari that is totally in style.

When you buy the pen, I recommend going ahead and upgrading to the Z-24 cartridge converter. That will open up the door to bottled inks and SO many colors. And a medium or fine nib is the perfect size for any newbie to start. There is even a left-handed nib option for southpaws like me.

Pen Cleaning Package Set

Mom always said, “Remember to clean behind your ears.” Now I say, “Remember to clean your pens.” I think this makes the perfect gift because it is easy to bypass when you are new to the hobby. I know you want to invest in pens not pen flush, but this package set includes some crucial tools that really makes cleaning and filling your pens much simpler.

The ink syringe is one of my favorite things from the set to have at my desk because I don’t finish my day with inky fingers (or maybe they are just a little less inky). If you have some questions about it definitely check out our video review with some tips and tricks.

Notebook Sampler Set

A key to falling in love with fountain pens is also falling in love with the paper. When I first started writing with fountain pens, I didn’t really understand picky-paper-people. Now I totally get it. Quality paper really does make a difference, especially when using fountain pens. The Notebook Sampler Set is hands down the best way to let someone have a taste of each brand we carry. Some people love Leuchtturm1917 and some people love Rhodia. So, why not give them both? And these little notebooks are awesome for short to-do lists or grocery lists or of course doodling.

I hope that this list is helpful and that you can finish up some of your shopping, while helping to share the joy of fountain pens with your friends and family.

So, how will you be spreading the fountain pen love this year? What got you “hooked” on fountain pens? And what advice would you give to the folks who are just getting started? Let’s keep the conversation going in the comments below.