I’m really sorry I didn’t end up doing a Q&A the last couple of weeks. I’d originally intended to publish this one on November 22, but sickness in my family ended up requiring a lot of my attention and I wasn’t able to record it before I left to be with Rachel’s family for Thanksgiving (which is why I didn’t do a Q&A last week). But I’m back now and will be putting them out every week again, as scheduled.

I wasn’t really sure how many questions I’d get when I solicited questions for this week’s Q&A, especially because I already have a Fountain Pen 101 video on both Flying With Fountain Pens and Pen Storage, but you all came through for me! I got a lot of great questions. Be sure to also check out previous week’s Q&A’s if you’ve missed any.


Here are this week’s questions:1) Graham T.- Facebook (4:04):
What is the best nib size/ ink combo to travel with!? When you are not using your own nice paper, and are instead writing on others peoples documents (usually copier paper,) What is the best combo to have that is both legible and won’t feather? I love using FP but I always have to carry a ballpoint to avoid this.

2) @mscollis- Twitter/Christina P- Facebook (5:26):
Can pens in a pen case cause problems at airport security? Traveling regulations on ink or nibs?3) David H.- Facebook/@MissGretchenX- Twitter/Jacqueline C.- Facebook (7:06):
What type of small travel bottle is best that will not break, be easily portable, etc. something that I can fill up before the trip. I see people speaking about a Nalgene bottle, but cannot figure out which one. (Nalgene has a travel kit as well)

4) Kelly S.- Facebook (8:47):
Is the Visconti power filler system “all that”? i’d like to see some pros & cons…
5) Nate L.- Facebook (10:12):
Best travel pen/ink/paper combo? Rugged, durable pen, paper that can be almost waterproof, and a quick dry ink?
6) Maya G.- Facebook (12:05):
What should you look for in a case to carry multiple pens for months at a time.
7) Cws Y.- Facebook (14:00):
What precautions should be taken when carrying around an eyedropper pen? My platinum preppy ED is a well behaved thing, but my ED-converted pilot pet1t seems to like leaking its ink.
8) Sabina T.- Facebook (16:03):
What carrying system do you suggest for EDCs of 2-4 fountain pens as well as pencils, erasers, tape and other on-the-fly writing and drawing accessories? I want to protect my FPs, but I also want to carry other stuff for drawing, etc., preferably all together, without having to use a million cases and a million backpack pockets. Thank you for doing these Q&As, they rock!
9) William S.- Facebook (18:36):
Can’t wait for another Q&A video. I don’t travel much, but one question comes to mind regarding travelling with a fountain pen. If you travel by car, would the pen’s reaction as far as pressure changes be as severe as an airplane trip?
10) Katie P.- Facebook/Tim- Ink Nouveau (21:19):
Are there any rules to keep in mind for traveling to very cold regions or high altitudes?
11) @Slugnutty- Twitter (23:44):
Just curious as to what are the best pocket travelers? Do cartridge travel better then non or converters? Is one style worse?
12) @WeThePPIL- Twitter (25:41):
If you are carrying several quite expensive pens is there any extra insurance protection needed if they get lost or damaged?
13) Facebook (27:17):
I’ve found that if fountain pens get shaken around a lot, they can get ink shaken out all over the section and cap. This seems to happen more for some pens than others. Has anyone over at Goulet noticed this with their pens? And if they did, what’s the best way to prevent this, given that it would be unavoidable that my backpack/bag gets tossed around a lot?14) Alec B./Michael G.- Facebook (29:23):
Is there a “best” fountain pen that is designed for flying and pressure changes?

15) Kathie M.- Facebook (31:17):
Is it better to carry your pen nib up or nib down?
16) Sue B.- Facebook (31:39):
Great topic! I’ve never taken my FPs out of the house but I’ve been reading recommendations for good EDC brands, such as Safari, Metropolitan, and TWSBI Mini. I’d like my next FP (from Goulet, of course!) to be purse-friendly as well as travel-friendly, so would appreciate advice about brands and models there. I’ve also read that FPs should always be carried empty on flights. Is that still true?17) Artemis G.- Facebook (35:51):
1) should they be shoved in my pants pocket nib up or nib down 2) everything to do with taking them in an airplane–can you put in luggage or do they need to go in the carry on, etc.

18) Chris P.- Facebook (37:15):
Since I’ve gotten into FPs, I haven’t found a pen yet that won’t leak/spit/whatever from body heat & general motion in a pants pocket (I’ve found Pilots are some of my worst offenders—78Gs, Petit1s, etc.). Are there any tips you can offer for making pens pants-pocket-worthy, or any brands that are known to take these kinds of conditions well?
19) Steven S.- Ink Nouveau (39:52):
How do you suggest carrying your pens? You don’t necessarily need to be traveling very far, or even at all, but some people go places without carrying anything with them other than what they have in their pockets. I’m fine with just keeping my cheaper pens clipped to my pants pocket, but I’m concerned about some of my more expensive ones that I would love to take with me all the time. I don’t want to just clip those to my pocket for fear that they could fall out or get damaged somehow. Any suggestions on what to do? I understand there are some options like keeping a single pen sleeve and just keeping that in your pocket without clipping them to anything at all. Just curious on what you would have to say about that.
20) Brian HC- Facebook (41:47):
Does the Nighthawk travel well in an airplane? I’m taking mine to an interview this week.Be sure to come back next week on Friday, Dec. 13 for Goulet Q&A 15, which will be an Open Forum. Ask me whatever fountain pen, ink, or paper questions you have here in the comments, on Twitter with #GouletQA, Facebook at TheGouletPenCompany, or email GouletQA@gouletpens.com. Thanks for watching today and have a great week!

Write On,
Brian Goulet