Our own Alex Ross shows you how to use Pinterest to save and share your favorite items. Great for creating gift wishlists that you can share with others!

I’m a fountain pen fanatic. I love all the options of pens and colors of ink and how writing with an italic nib instantly makes my handwriting look amazing.

My family and friends want to feed my passion and give me gifts that I’ll love, but because they’re new to the fountain pen world, they aren’t sure where to start and want me to be super specific about what to get. But, I also love being surprised — which is why I started using Pinterest to keep track of and share my wish list.*

I love, love, love Pinterest. It is an incredibly fun and easy tool to use. I firmly believe that once you learn how to make these shareable wish lists, Pinterest will become your best friend too.

Collect and Organize the Things You Love

Pinterest is a popular tool for collecting and organizing things that you love. It’s easy as pie to get set up and even easier to share. But in case you’re not familiar with it, let’s quickly go over some of the basics. Here are some of the reasons Pinterest works so well as a wish list:

  • It’s visual. When looking at the page, a dozen images will catch your eye at once. It’ll take you no time at all to find the items and images that will just make you fall head over heels in love.
  • It’s familiar. Pinterest is a well-known and popular platform. A lot of folks use it, and, even if they don’t, they’ve at least heard of it. 
  • You can add content from any website. Talk about making it easy. You can be anywhere on the web and still be able to store something you find on Pinterest. As long as it has an image, it’s Pinnable.

Now, let’s get into the nitty-gritty about how to set up your wish list.

Step 1: Create a Pinterest Account

If you don’t already have an account, get signed up! Go to Pinterest.com. You can sign-up by entering your email address and creating a password or by using Facebook. Basic, simple, easy. It will take you a less than a minute. Once you’re done, you’ll be ready to participate in the dazzling world of Pinterest.

Step 2: Create a Board

Pinterest uses some specific terms: “boards” and “pins”. An easy way to think of how these work is to imagine Pinterest as a filing cabinet. A “board” is like the folder you put specific items, or “pins” in. It helps you keep things specifically organized and allows easy navigation within your Pinterest account.

So, how do you create a board? It’s easy! In the right-hand corner of your Pinterest page, click on your name. A drop down will appear and choose “Your Boards”. Once you get there, it will show all the boards you’ve created. To add a new one, click on the “Create a new board” icon.

Make up a title for your new board like “My Fountain Pen Wish List” or whatever you’d like so that your friends and family can find it easily. And if you want, you can also add a description so folks know what it’s for.

Step 3: “Pin” Your Heart Out

This is where things get fun and you get to add all the items you want to your wish list. There are a bunch of different ways to do this. Here are three ways to “Pin” your favorite items:

Pin directly from GouletPens.com.

On our site, GouletPens.com, we make it insanely easy to Pin and save your favorite products. First, find one of the many products that you have on your wish list. Once you are on that particular products page, right below the picture, you’ll see the Pinterest icon. Simply click on that little button. Now you can select what board you’d like to pin to as well as add a description. The description area would be a good place to write anything your gift giver might need to know about getting you this item. For example, include the nib size or if you need a converter or what inks you’d love to go with a pen. This way there is no questioning or second-guessing. Easy. As. Pie.

Repin from another Pinterest board

Did you know that The Goulet Pen Company has a Pinterest account that you can follow? Well you do now! Follow us on Pinterest (and any other fountain pen lover you know), and you will get to see all the cool stuff that we are putting on our boards. See an item you love? Simply hover over the picture and you’ll see a red “Pin It” button. Click on that, choose a board, and enter a description. Or, if it’s easier, just click on the Pin you love and a window will pop up with a mega size view of the Pin. Click on the red “Pin It” button, choose a board and then enter a description. Thanks for making life easy, Pinterest.

Use the “Pin it” button with your browser.

When you first sign-up for Pinterest, they give you a chance to download the “Pin it” button to your browser. It will end up looking something like this:

On a page and see an item that you just have to have and you want the world to know? Click on that button and you can now select a picture, choose a board, and add a description, then pin that page. This is super nifty, especially if you are on a site that doesn’t have the “Pin it” button under their pictures. Pinterest has really covered all their bases here.

Step 4: Share with the Gift Givers

Send board! This is the easiest part y’all! While on your wish list board, right below the title and description, you’ll see a button that says “Send Board”. Click on it and simply enter a friend’s or family member’s email address. Even if they don’t have Pinterest account they can still see your board, no problem. You can even write a little note to them. At the bottom of the pop-up just click the “Email to” option. Board sent! Yippee!

With Pinterest, the sky is the limit, people, and knowledge is power! Which, naturally, leads to you getting the perfect gift. So, do yourself a favor and get on Pinterest today and Pin your heart out! You’ll probably fall in love with this tool just like I have.

So tell me, are you already using Pinterest to share your wish list? What will be your first Pin on your wish list this holiday season? Let me know in the comments below!

*If you’re a current Goulet Pen Company customer, you may already be familiar with the wish list feature we have on our website. While it’s awesome, one of the limitations is that it’s not shareable. We’re working on finding a solution, but Pinterest is a good workaround in the meantime.