This year is Parker’s 125th anniversary, which is pretty remarkable for a US company these days. In honor of this milestone, they have released several special edition pens that harken back to key points in their history. Last week I reviewed the Parker Urban Premium Special Edition in Penman Blue and talked more about that.

This week I’m showing you the Parker IM Premium in two special edition colors – Big Red and Blue/Black. Both are available from now through the end of 2014, at a price point of $60 MSRP ($48 on It doesn’t come with a converter for bottled ink, unfortunately, so you’ll have to be sure to pick one of those up if you’re an inkophile like me. The converter is proprietary for Parker, which is a little bit of a bummer but something that I’ve found isn’t too unusual for pen companies these days. I have heard that Lamy cartridges and converters work in the Parker pens, so that might also be an option for you if you have some of those lying around.

Parker IM Premium Special Edition in Big Red

Parker IM Premium Special Edition in Blue Black

I haven’t had a vast amount of experience with Parker pens before so I’m definitely not what I’d consider to be an aficionado of the brand, but my experience with them has been positive. I’ve been using a Parker Urban off-and-on for the last couple of years, and have been impressed with how smooth the medium nib is. This is the same nib used on the IM, and though only available in medium, it is quite smooth indeed. It’s about comparable in nib size to a Lamy medium.

What do you think of the special edition IM’s?

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Brian Goulet