I haven’t talked about Parker pens a lot in the past, despite the company’s rich history with fountain pens. Well, Parker got my attention with this special edition Parker Urban Premium in Penman Blue. I’m a total sucker for blue pens, but I also have a great appreciation for Parker Penman Sapphire, which this pen is made to emulate. Penman Sapphire is a decades-old ink that has near legendary status in the fountain pen world, despite a relatively brief production period. You can sell your first-born child and get a bottle or two on ebay ;)

I’ve always liked the shape of the Urban, it looks very much like a scepter. It’s well-balanced, and has a surprisingly smooth medium nib. It has a generous flow, and seals well when capped. I find that the nib stays wet really well, probably because most of the feed and nib is inserted down into the grip of the pen. It does have a bit of a sweet spot though, so you have to make sure you keep the pen rotated in the proper orientation otherwise you’ll run into skipping issues. It’s pretty easy to get the hang of this pen, though. The biggest downside I see though is the very limited color selection available in Parker’s proprietary ink cartridges. This pen, for whatever reason, does not come with a converter (something I would normally expect for a pen in this price range), so you will almost definitely want to pick one of those up along with the pen.

The Urban Premium is actually available in two colors. The Penman Blue is the only one we currently have for $60 at GouletPens.com (list price $75). Parker also makes a Mandarin Yellow, an homage to their classic Duofold color, and we’ll be stocking that one very soon. Both of these pens are special editions and will be produced through 2014.

What do you think of these two new colors?