This post was written by Rachel Goulet, our co-leader and serial ink samplist. Seriously, she never puts the same ink in the same pen twice.

Have you ever wanted to design your own ink color? Now you can!

As you may know, Pelikan has a premium line of inks called Edelstein, which are all in beautiful bottles and named after gemstones. The Edelstein collection first launched in 2011 (our garage days!), and starting in 2012 released an “Ink of the Year”. The first year was Turmaline, which is one of my absolute favorite inks, followed by Amber last year. This year’s color hasn’t been officially confirmed yet, but it appears from some unofficial sources that it will be Garnet, a dark red color.

Now Pelikan is planning out the color for next year, 2015. That’s where you come in.

Pelikan wants YOU to design the new color. They have this awesome color mixing tool on their website, you submit your mix, and the public then votes on their favorite. The top contenders with the most/highest votes are then submitted to a judging panel, and from there they will pick the new ink. If you are a finalist you can win some prizes too.

Here’s the official link to Pelikan’s site for this Edelstein contest.

I created a purple color which I named Amethyst, keeping with the gemstone theme. For me, I thought purple would be a great idea since there really isn’t one in their current line, and it would be very complementary. You can vote for mine, if you want, but the real point of this post is to encourage you to make your own, or at least vote for the ones that you like.

We’d love to see your creations! If you do create a color, please post a link to it in the comments below. Or even if you don’t create your own color, tell us – what would be your ideal Edelstein ink color for 2015?