This week’s Goulet Q&A is picking back up with a brand focus, and today I’m answering questions about Monteverde. They’ve had a lot of new pens coming out lately and I thought it might be helpful to share what I know about them. Here we go:

1) @RocksInSpace- Twitter (1:03):As a proud owner of the new Impressa I’m wondering if the nib / nib unit swap is the same in Swapping Out Monteverde Nibs video.

2) Anastasia R.- Facebook (1:52):Are there any converters that work with the Monteverde Touch Screen Stylus Fountain Tool Pen? Love the black one! I use fountain pens in part because of the lack of waste, and cartridges are waste.

3) Asif C.- Facebook (3:34):Say I wanted to get a black Monteverde nib in .7mm cursive italic, how would I go about doing that? Would I be able to do it through Goulet pen company?

4) @KatieZumbrum- Twitter (5:04):
I cannot find very much online about the Monteverde Lamy cartridges.  Are they good or should I stick to Lamy cartridges?


5) Kimberly S.- Facebook (6:28):
How does the Poquito stack up to other pens in a similar price point? I’d love to see a side by side.
6) Patrick D.- Facebook (8:43):
My Invincia with a black nib seems to write much drier than my Prima with a chrome nib. They both have medium nibs. Is that typical? 

7) Benjamin B.- Facebook (9:43):
Why is the Nighthawk being scrapped??
8) Steven B.- Facebook (12:19):
Since the Nighthawk is being retired…what was the total number produced? Can we now say it was an un-numbered limited edition?
9) Scott B.- Facebook (14:44):
When I started using fountain pens about a year ago my preferred pen was a piston fill pen. Do you know if Monteverde will ever make a piston fill pen? Also why doesn’t Monteverde make 1.5 stub nibs?
10) John H.- Facebook (17:12):
What do you think of the MegaInkball….the rollerball the fills from a bottle? I’ve got one and I love it. It comes with a few replacement nibs. I haven’t found the need to replace the original nib yet…and I’ve had it for several years.
11) @mp4167- Twitter (18:37):
I have a Napa. Very smooth. How do I order parts?12) Shawn Biddle- Youtube (19:42):
The Artista Crystal is one of the rare pens that have a clear feed. It’s such a cool feature so why the reason for the rarity – maybe it’s just too much of a “casual” look for other brands to use? Any lesser known pens with a clear feed besides Monteverde Artisa and the Platinum Cool?

I will be off next week (March 7) but will return with a Q&A Open Forum on March 14th. If you find yourself going through withdrawals, maybe you can check out some of my older Q&A’s. I’m starting to get quite the little library of them now! Have a great week, and thanks for watching and asking such great questions.

Write On,
Brian Goulet