Intro to the Monteverde Impressa Fountain Pen

Monteverde Impressa Video Highlights:

  • Unboxing: (1:00)
  • General overview: (2:00)
  • Showing all four colors: (5:00)
  • Taking a closer look-details: (6:22)
  • Comparing the Impressa with other pens: (7:56)
  • Discussing the converter: (11:35)
  • Filling the pen: (13:00)
  • Writing with it: (14:38)
  • Pros and cons summary: (17:12)

I just got my hands on the new Monteverde Impressa, which is the latest in a variety of new pens that has come out from this brand. Monteverde’s known for coming out with pens in unique materials and finishes, and this pen fits that bill. They have a solid line of mid-priced pens and at $40 at ($50 list) I think they really hit this pen right where they needed it to be. They have 4 different colors in the all-metal pens with a couple of really unique combinations!

Monteverde Impressa, Black/Rose Gold

Monteverde Impressa, Pearl Silver/Blue

Monteverde Impressa, Gun Metal/Red

Monteverde Impressa, Black/Chrome

The size of the Impressa is great, nice for large and small hands. Check out how it compares to other pens in the Goulet Pen Plaza. It’s well-balanced, though it is heavy! At 40g it’s going to be a bit much for some, as the pen is all metal and is really sturdy. It has a really affirmative snap-cap with an inner seal in the cap, and posts incredibly securely. Posting it is really nice, though fare warning, it does give the pen a bit of back-weight. Just the body of this pen weights as much as a whole Lamy 2000 (25g).

The pen has a spring clip with a huge opening, so you can wear it on shirt with really thick material. The nibs available are fine, medium, broad, and 1.1mm stub in both steel and black finishes. Monteverde’s nibs in general tend to write like most European pens (think Lamy, Pelikan), though they can sometimes be a bit dry due to some tight tines. It’s not all of them like that, but it happens from time to time (seems moreso on the black nibs). You can flex out the tines a little to increase the flow with relative ease (just don’t overdo it) and get it writing wetter. Check out the Nib Nook to see how writing samples compare with other nibs.

Impressa Pros:

  • $40 price is great for a pen of this caliber
  • #6 size nibs swap between other Monteverde pens, and they offer MV nibs separately
  • Color options are really unique/different
  • Snap-cap is really convenient and seals well
  • Takes standard international converter or cartridges (both included)
Impressa Cons:
  • Pen is heavy, probably too much for some 
  • Fingerprints, they are impossible to keep off the finish of this pen
  • Converter included is slightly smaller than the others Monteverde uses on their pens
So what do you think of Monteverde’s latest creation?
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Brian Goulet
2017-10-11T03:45:44+00:00 February 27th, 2014|Pen Reviews|7 Comments
  • Jeremy

    Have they solved the issues with the finishes of these pens? Almost every review I see says the finish has come off. I really like the gun metal/red pen but I don’t want to pay $40 for a pen that the finish is going to come off?

    • I agree, I love the look of the rose gold as well as the chrome but having the finish come off would be a shame.

  • Twoznek

    Reading reviews, yes I’m concerned bout the finish coming off as well.

  • Hibbard Pens

    The finish on mine came off within 5 days. They did offer to replace the pen free of charge and I might them up on the offer deepening of if I have to pay to have it shipped back. The firm they sent says there’s is a charge of 12 to ship it back.

  • Jibber Jabber Joe

    I am constantly frustrated by this pen. I tried all different kinds of ink and spread the nib tines to increase flow but it still almost always starts dry leaving the first letter of every sentence half drawn. Worst pen I ever owned.

  • Kim

    I have the gun metal/red in 1.1 stub for over a year now (it was my first fountain pen). My finish hasn’t come off at all and it writes pretty well. I’ve used Pilot Iroshizuku and Monteverde ink. Love this pen!!

  • heylookitsjon

    So I bought this pen the Christmas before last when another website had it on sale. Got the rose gold/black finish. Love the pen. Never really had any issues with dry starts. But yes, the finish is coming off the grip and the rim around the nib due to the way the cap goes on. Beyond that, it’s one of my favorite pens. Right now I’m using Diamine in Oxblood in a cartridge.