Today we’re pleased to offer a new line of inks by the Swiss manufacturer Caran d’Ache: Chromatics Inkredible Colors. Caran d’Ache previously had a line called Colors of the Earth with nine colors in 30ml bottles. They discontinued that line almost a year ago (check out our announcement of that here), and now we’re finally able to acquire their new line.

The Chromatics Inkredible Colors is made up of 12 new colors, in brand-new packaging. None of these are recycled colors from the old line, though some do bear some resemblance to their former counterparts (that’s another blog post coming soon!). These inks are moderately saturated and exhibit excellent shading, and do not appear to be high maintenance inks. The colors are vibrant but not in-your-face.

The bottle is what gets us excited. The 50ml glass bottle has a slanted bottom, that coupled with the wide neck, should allow you to fill your pens with ease. The top is made of mirrored metal and has substantial weight. It then comes in a really nice hexagonal case that keeps the bottle upright. Probably the best presentation of all the inks we carry.

An empty ink bottle

Of course with the premium bottle comes a premium price…. at we are selling it for $32 (full list price is $40). If you’re buying this ink, you’re buying it not just for the actual ink but really for the beautiful bottle. We also have our samples available.

So tell us…. what do you think of this new line?

Write On,
Brian Goulet