Sneek Peek: Lamy Al-Star 2014 Special Edition Bluegreen

Here it is! The Lamy Al-Star 2014 Special Edition Bluegreen fountain pen. It’s a really nice color, and gives a bit of pop to the Al-Star lineup. I was fortunate enough to get my hands on one early, as they’re yet to be released in the US (it’ll be a few weeks, sometime in March). If you want to get on the email notification list for one at, then just go here and click on “email me when back in stock”.

Like all other Lamy Al-Stars, it’ll be available at a list price of $47 ($37.60 at with extra-fine, fine, medium, and broad nibs in both steel and black finishes, as well as 1.1mm, 1.5mm, and 1.9mm stub italics in steel. It takes Lamy cartridges or a Z24 converter ($4.95, not included).

What do you think of the color?

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Brian Goulet

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  • Tom Johnson

    The Caran d'Ache Metal ballpoint pens will take Parker ball point refills and Parker gel pen refills (easier to find, many stores carry them). I too have this Caran d'Ache pen in an aluminum metal and I love it. The Parker gel pen refill is identical to the Parker ball pen refill and can be used in any pen that takes Parker ball point refills.

  • TJ

    Refilling Preppy marker pens: I recently got a home ultrasonic cleaner for deep cleaning fountain pens and watch bands, eyeglasses, etc. As an experiment to see how good it would clean, I cleaned out a Preppy eyedropper pen that had Kung Te-Cheng ink dried out inside it (for one to two years!). The barrel was easy and flushed clean with warm water, and I pulled out the replaceable tip. The grip with the finned feed inside was something else. I had soaked it for days in pen flush. Then in a bleach solution with little ink removal. Then I put warm water, a bit of Dawn detergent and a squirt of household ammonia in the tank. Wow, blue ink clouds came out of each end of the grip section. Took about 30 minutes of several tanks and some flushing with my bulb syringe, but every bit of ink came out of all those 20 fins inside the grip. Then I looked at the felt tip and the ultrasonic cleaner removed virtually all of the ink from the felt and the plastic tube with 20 minutes of cleaning. Now using the pen with Noodler's Black Swan in Australian Roses. Just an experiment, easier to buy a new pen, but I'm sold on the ultrasonic cleaner for pens after this amazing feat.

  • Franky Hernandez

    Reminds me of the Diamine soft mint ink… I love it!!

  • Neil

    Love the color – can't wait to order one!

  • Anon

    Holy smokes! that defined jaw! How much weight have you lost and how did you get there?

  • PeppWaves03

    Looks like a feminine color to me. I'll definitely pass

  • Piper

    Mint green! I try to pair inks with pens and I have no idea what color this would take, maybe something in the iroshizuku line. Definitely a must have, though. All I'm ever going to think is "this is the pen incarnation of 'blue steel'".

  • Ryan

    Ku-Jaku or Syo-Ro were definitely my first thoughts seeing this pen.

  • Starchix

    Cadillac Green would be so great in this. Sorely tempted to add one of these babies to my pen stable……

  • Liz I.

    I love it! As a Lamy XXXX, er, aficionado, I definitely want this. I don't like the Al-Star form factor as much as the Safari but it'll be worth it to get this color.

  • feder-halter

    As usual – thanks Brian, for this great service to the FP world! About Noodler's Black: I was looking for a black ink recently and thought I'd try Noodler's since my wife uses it for her pen & ink artwork (loves it, too!). Well, I had 2 bad results: in my trusted Lamy 2000, a trouble-free, fairly wet writer with a half-dozen or so inks, I experienced hesitant starts, poor flow and dryness for the first time since I had 'written it in' a long time ago… Maybe incompatible, I thought. I then tried Noodler's Black in my new Vac 700, fine nib – dry flow, thin, brownish-gray line unless I push it… Is this a fairly 'dry' ink? (Comparison ink was J. Herbin Perle Noire – my other inks are all over the place, Pelikan, R&K, Diamine, Herbin, Abraxas)

  • So beautiful pan and fantastic color !!

  • J.Majors

    I have a Voodoo Tactical Wallet that works GREAT as a pen case. I originally bought it at a military supply store to cary pencils in (so the tips wouldn't get broken) for sketching. But it is just a tad short for really long pencils when they are fresh (like the Blackwings). But then I discovered how great it is for carrying pens. And it is pretty cheap. I carry 6 pens in this case (all inked up in different colors) as well as a Moleskine Pencil and sharpener. I also keep my iPhone headphones in it. Throw the case in the bottom of my briefcase. So if you don't mind camo – this case is easy to transport and you can put a bunch of pens in it and keep them separate. Though I can see how some might feel that camo and elegant pens don't go together. I would simply say there is no better combination. Tough and Tender. Now only if I can find camo ink. Hmmm….

  • Tom Johnson

    I use Noodler's Black in a Lamy Al-Star EF, Lamy 2000 F, Vac-700 (F, M, B, and 1.1mm nibs), Pilot Vanishing Point with F nib, 1965 Sheaffer 14k F, Waterman Carene F, Kaweco Sport in F and M, Noodler's Ebony Konrad with their flex nib, and several others. It writes great in every pen. If it is dry or wet, it is due to the pen/nib and not this ink, but all the pens above write very nice with no hesitant starts, poor flow or dryness. Flows great through all my pens. Make sure you clean out the nib and feed well before switching to Noodler's Black – don't leave any ink residue behind. I would use pen flush and rinse out with a bulb syringe until no ink flows onto a paper towel BEFORE it is inked with Noodler's Black. I also like to use an ultrasonic cleaner if I can't remove the nib and feed. Good to floss out the feed groove with 2 mil brass sheet if you can get to it. I love this ink.

  • Indira

    Thanks for the share on Voodoo Tactical wallets. They look like promising inexpensive little pen cases and I definitely don't mind the camo patterns.

  • LostInColor

    IRT answer #7. This past Christmas one of the gifts to my sister was 10 samples of ink (in 2ml samples plastic vials). This was in a box with other gifts that I wanted to ship via USPS. They asked me that question, and in hindsight I probably should have answered no….but I responded "some small samples of fountain pen ink???". I guess they took that response as yes. The USPS worker said I was only allowed to ship it ground…not priority.