Goulet Q&A Episode 24: Visconti, Stationery, and Workhorse Fountain Pens

I’m back after a week off for family vacation, thanks for being patient! This week’s Goulet Q&A is an Open Forum, and I got a great variety of questions. I went a little long on this vid, partly because I had great questions and partly to make up for by guilt of missing a week! Enjoy:

1) Andi S.- Facebook (3:25):Now that the 2014 Lamy Safari color is out, what are your thoughts on the color? Love it or hate it? Or relatively indifferent?


2) Mate F.- Facebook (7:45):
Any chance of you carrying the lower-end Pelikans, like the M200 for example? I mean, it’s a good company, but I don’t want to drop $600 on a pen, but I’d want to order it from you guys. I know you could special order any Pelikan, but having a few of the cheaper one in your warehouse might be a smart move.
3) John J.- Facebook (10:59):
A few things… Do you guys intend on carrying more Jinhao pens, or just sticking with what you currently carry (for ease of Goulet nib swaps)? The 159 I just got from you guys is fantastic. I picked up (elsewhere) a slick 9009, with a hooded nib that writes a decently fine line (similar to a Pilot Metropolitan). Would love to see more low-cost options in the lineup. Secondly… I think we’d all love a peek into the Goulet warehouse/operations. What happens when we submit an online order? Not saying to give away any “trade secrets” here, but I think we all enjoy some behind the scenes stuff.
4) Garth M.- Facebook (14:22):
Hey Brian, I was wondering if you’ve heard much about the Visconti Eco-rollers? Any chance Goulet Pens will be carrying Visconti in the future?
5) Winnie P.- Facebook (18:41):
Have you ever considered some kind of recycling program for your ink vials? I can see I have a bunch empty and thought they must cost your company a good amount of money.
6) Carissa S.- Facebook (20:00):

I noticed this months ink drop has pigmented and iron gall inks, as a new user of fountain pens is there anything that i have to look out for when inking up my pens with these inks? and when I flush them out is there anything special about the cleaning process to take note of with these kinds of ink?

7) Rob P.- Facebook (22:25):
Any idea if/when the TWSBI Vac Mini will be released? I have been eagerly waiting for this pen. Hopefully it is still in the pipeline. Thanks!!
8) Heath C.- Facebook (23:09):
Are there any production FPs with multiple ink options similar to a multipen in the ballpoint world? I think it’s Edison that has one that’s special order that looks like a double ended light saber but I’m wondering if there is anything available off the shelf.
9) Carmen C.- Facebook (24:48):
How does the Original Crown Mill Classic Laid paper compare to the G. Lalo Vergé de France paper?
10) Gordon C.- Facebook (25:35):
The Kaweco Sport (ICE or Classic): The FPGeeks review of this pen now begins with an update that warns against using it as an eyedropper, because “ink seeps between the section and the cylindrical plastic that houses the nib/feed” – which (apparently) looks unsightly and is very difficult to clean out. Do you see this as a concern – or is there a way of avoiding it? Thanks in advance!
11) Carmen  C.- Facebook (28:03):

Do you have any idea why the US and European paper sizes are different?

12) Adam T.- Facebook (28:55):
Do you have any tips on how to get pens that don’t fully disassemble to dry out more quickly after a cleaning so that you can refill them sooner without diluting your ink?
13) Karl B.- Facebook (31:38):
Not technically Pen-Related, but how many different GouletPens bookmarks do you guys currently have in the office for outgoing orders? (For example I got 3 so far, two with a Benjamin Franklin quote, and one with just “Write On” -Ink Nouveau).
14) @willia4- Twitter (34:10):
When I turn my Monteverde Invincia over and look at the underside of the nib, I see a large number of ridges. Same with my Nemosine Singularity.  If I look at my Sheaffer 100, it has just a few ridges. When I look at my Lamy Safari, it doesn’t have any. Are these ridges functional or decorative? If functional, what do they do? When selecting my next pen for purchase, should this be one of my criteria?
15) Kevin M.- email (38:11):
I have heard that Pelikan will begin selling Edelstein Ink in cartridges form shortly. Have you heard anything specific?

16) Scott B.- Facebook (39:58):

Two questions: I know one day you may do a Q.&.A. on Twsbi but i must know, is it possible to flood the feed with ink by turning the mechanism on the Twisbi Vac 700 without braking the seal; making an inky mess? I find this act convenient when the nib becomes a little dry. This works perfectly with my piston filling 580 and other converter filling pens but will it work for a vac filler? My last question is a little off topic but since this is an open forum, what diet program or should I say life style choice have you made for loosing all the Waite you’ve lost? I’ve been thinking about getting in better shape my self and have been reading some books on doing so. What’s your secret?

17) Logan V.- Facebook (49:08):

I’m looking for a good “workhorse” pen that I can use at my office. It needs to be able to take some abuse but also look nicer than the Pilot Varsity disposables that I have been using. Also able to use with Noodler’s or other bulletproof type inks would be great. Thanks!

Next week’s video will be back to a brand theme, and it’s a big one: Noodler’s. This has to be one of the most talked about brands in the fountain pen world, with lovers and haters equally passionate for their pens and ink. I’m going to answer as many questions as I can to the best of my ability regarding this very mysterious, controversial, and exciting brand. Just leave me questions in the comments below. If you missed any old Goulet Q&A’s make sure you check them out here. Have a great week!Write On,
Brian Goulet 
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  • Rob P.

    Thanks for responding! I'll keep my fingers crossed for the summer! I think it might be worth considering picking up the M205 line.. at least the one in Blue which looks pretty similar to Goulet blue. 🙂

  • Rob P.

    Also, just to note. Pelikan is actually offering the Edelstein inks in cartridge form. I'm sure they are quite expensive but they do come in a pretty cool metal box. I'm not much of a cartridge guy but they are a nice option for those that like cartridges.


  • Wildman

    In regards to a Noodler's QnA session (please excuse me if there are a lot of others who ask the same question), has Mr. Tardiff announced anything new for 2014 other than a few colors of his pens.

    While it's easy to forget he is a one-man operation who already has well over a hundred products, but it can't hurt to ask.

  • David

    Yeah, I have a BIG question that requires a Definitive answer regarding Noodler's pens…

    What is the Obsession Nathan Tardiff seems to have about NOT selling spare nibs and feeds for their "flex" pens like the Ahab and Konrad?? I thought these pens were supposed to be user hackable and serviceable. But how can that be when you have no choice but to throw the pen away if you make a mistake when hacking or servicing the nib? After all, almost every Noodler's pen I've ever bought (and there are a bunch of them) needed nib work out of the box just to make them write properly.

    Signed – Frustrated in Noodler's Land

  • Nigel

    Is there any news regarding the iridescent ("green bottle fly") ink that Nathan has mentioned? I know how busy he is, but it seems like the wait has been ages to an compulsive ink collector like myself.

  • EveryPenny

    @Gordon C. on Kawecos as eyedroppers…when the ink does start to seep between the feed housing and section, if you empty out the pen and let it just stand upright for a few (3-5) days, the stuck ink will slowly work itself out of there through the sheer power of gravity.

    Unlike Brian, I'm weird about seeing too much miscreant ink where it doesn't belong, so I just returned to using the Sports with cartridges again.

  • Gordon

    Thanks for that – have been wary of trying the conversion for fear I might not be able to get the ink out once it's caught in there!

    In the meantime, I came across a Youtube clip that shows how to convert an ink cartridge into a de facto 'bulb filler cartridge converter', using a pen sac and some shellac – if you want to increase your ink capacity, and be able to easily change up inks, here's another option (I had a spare sac, so tried it – so far so good!):


  • Tom Johnson

    This is just great, thank you for posting this. I'm going to make sac-cartridges for my Kaweco Sport pens! So easy and so cheap. I have used them as eyedropper pens, but mine are not used often enough to need all that capacity, but doubling the capacity of the cartridge is super. No real maintenance to worry about.

  • Gordon

    No worries – I thought this was ingenious when I saw it. I only had a black rubber sac on hand, so that's what I used – if I do this again, I'll try to source a clear sac so the ink is still visible, but that's purely an aesthetic thing.

    This 'workaround' will obviously work for other pens too, and not only those that take international cartridges… I wonder, if you wanted to do this in a Platinum Preppy (for example), would you want or need to leave the ball agitator inside the 'cartridge bulb'…?

  • Tom Johnson

    Gordon, good point. This will work in the Preppy and in my Pilot Metal Falcon and add quite a bit more ink capacity. But nothing will be gained with my Vanishing Point 🙁 Where can I buy the clear sacs? I only found the black on Pendemonium.

  • Gordon

    Ummm… I know Brian and Lisa Anderson sell a size 18 1/2 silicone sac in their online store. That would *probably* see you right. I used a size 16 in the black, because that was all I had (left over from a previous repair job), and I was experimenting anyway – so I can't guarantee you this will work. All the best with it, though – let me know how you go!

  • You're welcome! It's on my radar, but not a sure bet.

  • This was news to me, thanks for pointing it out! It'll be in the US in the next couple of weeks, I think. We'll probably carry it, even though carts are really our thing.

  • Good question! I'll have to ask him, he honestly rarely announces anything ahead of time. In fact, when he comes out with something new it's usually a total surprise even to me!

  • I'm sorry for your frustration! I can feel your pain, and you are not alone in this, I hear this a lot. I can address this in the next Q&A.

  • I haven't heard anything about this, at all, actually.