I knew this week was going to be a big one, and I was right…Noodler’s. There’s plenty to talk about with Noodler’s ink or Noodler’s pens, I probably could have split these out into two separate weeks! But alas, I did not. I ended up getting just under 50 questions, which is more than I have gotten for any other Q&A.

Obviously, there’s no way I could answer that many questions in a single video, given the talker that I am. But what I did was pack in 26 questions that I felt I could answer best into this video, and I’ll split out a separate one for next week. I’ve taken all of the questions that I felt would be best to ask Nathan and set them aside, and I will do my absolute best to get him on the phone to answer them for next week. I tried to make that happen this week and we just weren’t able to make our schedules sync up. I will do my absolute best to make this happen for next week.

Here are this week’s Noodler’s questions:

1) @geekosupremo- Twitter (7:57):
How “bulletproof” is Noodler’s Black? After it’s dry could I go over it with water colors?


2) Wildman- InkNouveau (9:44):
Has Mr. Tardiff announced anything new for 2014?
3) Shawn J.- Facebook (11:58):
Clogging with bulletproof and higher inks. I get 3 to 4 times longer flow with nano carbon ink than with any bulletproof, eternal, and similar Noodlers Inks. Is that something I just have to live with?
4) Heather P.- Facebook (14:38):
As a fountain pen newbie, what’s the ONE thing I should know about Noodler’s?
5) Fred- email (15:48):
About Noodler’s, which models do not have the smell, so I may buy some. How do you get rid of the smell if they do?
6) Gina S.- Facebook (19:10):
I have a clear demonstrator Nib Creaper and the barrel has stained an awful yellow color. I have tried using vinegar, bleach, and denture tablets on it. Nothing has worked so far. Do you have any suggestions?
7) Nikesh J.- Facebook (20:32):
I have a brush pen but the ink won’t flow through, even after 2 cleanings. Any ideas?
8) @Peninkchillin- Twitter (21:45):
Any plans for a wet noodle flex pen? Wet noodle = very flexible nib with big variation. 
9) Anne W.- Facebook (23:06):
I have watched Nathan ‘s video about putting calligraphy nibs in his pens and I can’t get it to work. I have destroyed 2 Ahabs so far. How on earth does he do it?

10) Rob P.-Facebook (24:34):
The feed on my Ahab flex pen is always extremely saturated with ink. So much so, that if I accidentally brush the feed against my finger or on paper, a huge ink glob will emerge which stains my fingers and ruins my writing. None of my other pens seem to have this issue. Is this a function of the Ahab pen lineup in general or is it just my feed?

11) Steven C.- Facebook (27:19):
Is there any way for Goulet to order the non descript Preppys used by Noodlers for Resale to Goulet Customers?
12) Christine M.- Facebook (30:26):
Will Nathan continue to produce the ebonite Konrads? I noticed the other day that you only have one style left in stock (I snapped one up to avoid missing the boat). Just wondering if we’d see more ebonite stuff.
13) Michael P.- Facebook (31:52):
Why do I get extremely long dry times at the end of a fill with most bulletproof or semi bullet proof inks. I’m talking upwards of a half hour or more. The ink will smudge if you run your finger across it. At the beginning of the fill the ink dries in a reasonable amount of time. This is excluding obvious reasons like evaporation over time. I know you can add water again but I was just wondering what’s going on here.
14)Theresa A.- Facebook (35:06):

What is the best way to get rid of Baystate Blue stains–on/in a pen, on hands, on clothes, on the kitchen counter?
15) Robert-Ross T.- Facebook (37:03):
Is there any news regarding the Neponset? Looking forward to that pen.

16) Amber M.- Facebook (38:25):
What is the nib size in the Noodler’s Konrad Flex? I see in the Goulet listing it says “steel flexible #6”, but is that equal to a “extra-fine”, “fine”, “medium”, etc. nib point? Are there replacement nibs available in the various nib point sizes? I very much appreciate the time and effort the Goulet team puts int sharing information with us. goulet offers customer service like no one else!!
17) Ray C.- Facebook (40:34):

1. I read something about Noodler’s being a more saturated ink intentionally so that we could dilute it if necessary. Is this true and if so are there any specific “recipes” on doing so?
2. Are Noodler’s inks mixable or do they have a mixable set like Platinum inks?
18) Hardy P.- Facebook (45:09):
I have a theory that the plastic in the pens with the “funky smell” lets water evaporate out of the ink. Am I crazy? It seems all my Noodlers pens lose ink. Is there another explanation? It’s probably just me.
19) Scott B.- Facebook (47:28):
Do you think you will ever collaborate with Nathan Tardif again to create another exclusive ink like liberty’s elysium. A new exclusive color would be interesting but I think it would be wise to try and revise liberty’s elysium as an even more bulletproof true blue. Let’s be honest liberty’s elysium is a beautiful blue ink but its bullet proofness isn’t up to par compared to upper Ganges, or even platinum carbon blue.

20) Adam V.- Facebook (53:16):
I cleaned my Nib Creeper for the first time the other day. I noticed that if I manipulate the piston with the nib up (so the water was flush with the piston plunger) I could see air bubbles coming up past the plunger when it moved. Is it really supposed to do that?
21) Steve B.- Facebook (55:15):
When are the Acrylic Konrads being restocked?
22) Kris H.- Facebook (56:11):

How do you increase or decrease to flow of ink in the flex nibs?
23) Patrick D.- Facebook (57:22):
Love the look and feel of my Konrad acrylic. I don’t love the plasticy smell. Suggestions?
24) Pavel V.- Facebook (58:04):

How to highlight a text written with Noodler’s black without smear?
25) Michael L.- Facebook (59:10):

Is there a noodler’s vibrant purple equivalent to j. herbin’s violette pen see?


26) 林理谙- Facebook (59:51):
Nathan Tardif!!! Will he ever appear again on your videos? Maybe not live, like in write time, but maybe to answer some questions like in a Q&A video? Will we ever see him besides his hands?

Thanks so much to everyone who asked me questions this week, sorry I was only able to answer about half of them! That’s just how things are starting to go as I’m getting more and more great questions. Make sure to check out all of the old Q&A videos if you’ve missed them! Have a great week.

Write On,

Brian Goulet