Using a new ink for the first time is always an exciting experience – that’s what Ink Drop is all about. However, not every ink leaves a lasting impression, meaning that it will last permanently on the paper. These inks are all permanent and will outlast any reasonable effort to remove them! Here are the five inks we chose for the March 2014 Ink Drop, themed Lasting Impression:

Noodler’s Bad Green Gator is part of the Warden’s Series, meaning it is ideal for check-writing and fraud-resistance. It is one of the few highly water-resistant green inks that we’re aware of.

Noodler’s Upper Ganges Blue is a nice medium chalky blue with strong water resistance as well.

Platinum Carbon Black is a pigmented black ink, chosen as a favorite black ink by many artists. It is definitely permanent once it dries on the page.

Rohrer & Klingner Salix and Scabiosa inks go hand-in-hand. Both are modern iron-gall inks and will last a long time on paper! The blue and purple colors, respectively, are muted and quite pleasing to the eye.

Writing samples by Alex Ross

By the way, if you like these colors, you can sign up for this month’s Ink Drop through March 10. After that, it switches to April.

So tell us…. what is your favorite permanent (or highly water-resistant) fountain pen ink?