So I’d originally intended for this week’s Q&A to be about Pilot and Namiki pens and ink, but I didn’t get a single question about ink! Oh well, so I changed the title to give focus to the brands’ pens. I had a bunch of great questions that you can see with timestamps below. Enjoy!

1) Myke N.- email (3:43):
When are you expecting to have the Pilot Resin Falcon with the Soft Extra Fine nib be back in stock?

2) Myke N.- email (4:35):
What is your recommendation on cleaning a Con-70 converter?

3) Myke N.- email (7:48):
Have you used a Justus 95? If so, what is your impression of the adjustable nib? Would you be able to do a review of it?

4) @jjlsetter/@dowdyism- Twitter (9:32):
Best way to clean inside the top portion of a vanishing point, near the trap door part?

5) Shane H.- Facebook (13:12):
I’ve been writing with my pilot metropolitan with the nib upside down to get a finer line out of it. Will this damage the nib in the long run? 

6) Jeanne P.- Facebook (15:44):

I like the Custom Heritage 912 w/ FA nib & it’s not offered here US. Can u special order?
7) Francisco H.- Facebook (16:50):
Would the Prera suit a student? I have a have a metropolitan, but I’m looking to branch more into the Pilot brand.
8) Dylan K.- Facebook (20:16):
I was browsing EBay looking for well priced Pilot vanishing points and I came across some earlier models from the 60s and 70s. I couldn’t find any reviews on these older models, and was wondering if they would be a wise purchase.
9) Sherah E.- Facebook (21:40):
How many pages of writing should the ink in a fully filled CON-70 provide, given one has medium sized writing?
10) Bill M.- Facebook (26:32):
Are the nibs and feeds on the custom series the same for all three pens? They all seem cool, but an extra $130 might not be worth it to some people just for the vacuum fill.
11) Rob P.- Facebook (29:09):
Can the Falcon nib be used for everyday writing or is the line variation cumbersome when taking notes? Also, do you think Goulet will ever sell Pilot Metropolitan nibs? I really enjoy using my Pilot Metropolitan but feel a Fine nib would better suit my needs. It would be great if the nibs could be swapped like on the Lamy Safari. Thanks!!
12) Winnie P.- Facebook (34:34):
I have given 3 Metropolitans as gifts and everyone loves them. They are perfect for newbies. They all ask about a fine nib, any idea when they will be available? Thank you.
13) Wesley S.- Facebook (35:32):
How long does the hooded nib of the Vanishing Point stay protracted before drying out when not in use? I’m thinking of getting this pen for clinical work but I don’t want to annoy my patients with constant clicking noises in between jotting notes.
14) Mike H.- Facebook (37:17):
I was thinking about purchasing a Namiki Falcon but I was wondering if you have any other pens in the price range that you would prefer.
15) Neil K.- Facebook (40:16):
What is the future direction of the name branding? Is everything moving to Pilot? Or will they continue to maintain the Namiki branding for “high end” products? I know that Vanishing Point is in transition.

16) Michelle L.- Facebook (44:15):I know everyone loves the metropolitan, the Prera, Namiki Falcon and the Custom 74 but what are some other Pilot models that are under-rated and few people rave about? I love Japanese pens and would love to know your opinion!

Thanks to everyone who asked me these great questions this week. Be sure to check out my older Q&A videos here, and post in the comment below if you have any random fountain pen question for my Open Forum topic next week. Have a great week!

Write On,
Brian Goulet