It’s Friday, which means another Goulet Q&A! This week is an Open Forum, and I got a lot of great questions on various topics like Diamine ink supply, special order Pilot pens, Goulet ‘Prime’ membership, Noodler’s flex, TWSBI ink capacities, and more.

I start off recapping the Pilot/Namiki pen questions from last week. My 30th birthday was a couple of days ago, and if you recall I did set a goal for myself to lose 30lbs by my 30th birthday (on April 30th) in my 30x30x30 video last summer. I achieved this and beyond, having lost and kept off more than 45lbs since last June.

I also recap some new products that have come in this week, like the Lamy Neon Coral Safari and the Pilot Metropolitans in a fine nib.

Here are this week’s questions:

1) Cleber Mori- YouTube (6:37):Hey Brian, thanks for the awesome videos! A question regarding Diamine Inks. Diamine Oxblood has been out of stock everywhere for a while. Can you shed some light on what’s happening with Diamine, and when you expect it to be back in stock.

2) Nick- email (8:53):
I’m a huge Pilot fan because the Japanese nibs support my unintentionally microscopic handwriting, but am always searching for interesting stuff (a la the Custom 743). How do you keep up with the different pens that aren’t available in the US like the Kakuno?

3) Kevin L.- email (10:54):
Imagine that you are somewhere between rookie and veteran of the fountain pen experience and you have a finite amount of money , say $1000, to spend on your purchase of pens only. You already have the ink and paper that you prefer. You choose what you buy based on writing performance regardless of price, brand, reputation, or place of manufacture. Do you buy 1 pen or buy many for your budgeted amount?


4) Tristan N.- Facebook (14:09):What is your personal maximum spending budget on a fountain pen you really like?

5) Marco R.- Facebook (16:14):Have you guys ever thought of doing something like “amazon prime” for goulet pens? I envision a membership that you pay yearly for ink drop, free shipping, and nib tuning for any new pen purchased.


6) 林瑋琮– Facebook (19:14):

I’ve heard that somebody put Brause Rose nib in to Noodler’s pen, is it practical?

7) Leslie H.- Facebook (20:38):
Where are Noodler’s Acrylic Flex Pens made? in the US or elsewhere? Thanks.
8) David T.- Facebook (21:30):
Maybe this is a writing question, but is there anything I can do to make my writing with a medium nib look better? I normally use fine or extra-fine, and I do well with an italic nib, but writing with medium or broad is just unpleasant and ugly. This limits my choices to Japanese pens which offer the smaller sizes.

9) NoFuture NoHope- Facebook (23:39):
Is there any special way how to hold pens with very broad, stub or italic nibs?


10) Tristan N.- Facebook (24:53):
I have a MO on my Lamy 3 Dialog but I don’t seem to get the most out of it. I guess, I’m not  sure what to expect out of it.
11) Alison H.- Facebook (26:58):
Here are my questions for this week’s Q&A.
1. Can I fill my TWSBI Vac 700 by taking off the top part(with the nib) and filling it via syringe? What would I use silicone grease for? You keep mentioning it, and some even came with my TWSBI? All of my Platinum pens (Cool, Preppy, 3776) seem to unscrew a bit when I write – what’s going on?
thanks so much. I think it’s fantastic that you do these Q&As.
12) Joseph Q.- Facebook (30:14):
Please compare the ink capacity of the TWISBI 580 to the 700 Vac.
13) Andrew W.- Facebook (31:20):
Is there any chance of you carrying restoration supplies like shellac, sacs, and talc in the future? It’d be pretty cool if that did happen in the future and convenient, considering the chance of hit and miss on getting the right parts through eBay.
14) Francisco G.- Facebook (32:51):
Are you thinking about expanding your Lamy line?
15) Richard F.- Facebook (33:48):
When do you expect to receive the new Stonewashed Kaweco Al-Sport pens in Blue and Black? Right now they are only available in Europe.
16) Shane H.- Facebook (34:30):
Why do all orders contain a tiny tootsie pop?
17) Steven C.- Facebook (35:49):
Will Goulet Pens stock Private Reserve: Candy Apple Red, Tangerine Dream and Hot Bubble Gum? I used Tangerine Dream in summer 2000 and missed it when it was taken off the market. So glad it’s back, scent and all.
18) Jimmy F.- Facebook (38:23):
Hello, Goulet Team! I have been a fan of your site for quite some time now, and I love all the things you guys do for your customers. I was wondering, would it be possible to special order an Imperial Blue Lamy Studio with a extra-fine gold nib? I was disappointed to find it was not offered this way. I LOVE the look of the Studio, and I would like to that pen my first foray into gold-nibbed pens.
19) Jason S.- Facebook (42:01):
Any recommendations for a pen that can take some abuse? My Harley vibrates with the best of them and I’d love to take a FP with me but worry about the constant vibrations damaging something in the pen or causing ink to spill out. I would obviously carry it Upright in some sort of pen holder or case. Any other considerations I should think about?

Thanks to everyone for asking such great questions this week! My apologies to anyone who asked that I didn’t get to. These days I’m just getting more questions than I can answer in a single video. Next week I’ll be talking about Using Your Fountain Pens at Work, so be sure to ask any questions you have in the comments below!

Write On,
Brian Goulet