It’s a two-parter this week! I got so many good questions about Using Fountain Pens at Work that I just couldn’t cut them all down. So you’re kind of getting a two-for-one deal this week ;) Enjoy!
Part 1
1) Emily W.- Facebook (3:43):
I’m lucky enough to work in a place where I can push the boundaries in terms of ink colors, and I want to make the most of it. I’m happy with my samples of Noodler’s Army Green and Diamine Syrah, and I’d like to add a few more inks to the rotation. Do you have any recommendations for inks that are slightly out of the ordinary, but still work-appropriate?

2) Debasis G.- Facebook (5:51):

You know this whole thing about changing everything else for the sake of using a fountain pen is pretty lame. People should know which pens write well on the worst quality workplace paper. I would like to see recommendation on smooth writing extra fine nibs on copy papers. The point is mainstream folks should appreciate a fountain pen. And this is the philosophy that makes Nathan of Noodler’s stand out.
3) Ryan G.- Facebook (10:07):
Suggestions: top bullet-proof daily carry pens. Challenge level: may be subjected to teenagers. Context: high school teacher who caves when asked, “Mr. Gilbert, can I try that pen?”
4) Wesley S.- Facebook (12:47):
My two major struggles in daily fountain pen use are how I carry them and the necessity of using cheap paper. Can you recommend some non-dorky ways to carry a fountain pen on my person (I’m worried my pants pocket will destroy a nice pen) and some blue inks that work well with cheap paper?
5) Michael H.- Facebook (16:14):
Should I feel bad that I like whipping out my Spencerian-inspired flexed script at work? Furthermore, should I feel bad for having the forethought to fill my vintage Watermans with inks that will perform well on the crappy paper at work? Most of the time the reaction is positive, but there’s always that rogue look of “well doesn’t he think he’s special…”.
6) Pascal D.- Facebook (18:47):
Not a question, suggestion to help out:
Keep a mini “travel” bottle of ammonia-based (the blue ones) cleaners (for windows), it helps clean up the fountain-pen inks on the hands when your pen decides to do a mess, or if you do an accident when filling it. (regular soap doesn’t work – while still good to wash hands anyway.. but to remove ink.. use the blue stuff)
7) Brian HC.- Facebook (19:45):
I’m a big fan of heavy, solid pens like the Monteverde Nighthawk. Can you suggest any other heavy fountain pens in that price range or lower? The rest of the Invincia line doesn’t count as an answer.
8) Calvin P.- Facebook (21:18):
In my line of work I have cause to write letters, notes, cards, etc. to high school and college students. First, what fun, vibrant, colorful inks are still easy on the eyes (i.e., could be used to write a long note or very brief letter)? Second, I often find when writing on postcards or in cards, that I get extreme feathering with almost any ink…any inks (other than Noodler’s X-Feather) that I might get better mileage with? Thanks!
9) Ray C.- Facebook (25:14):
How would you recommend carrying your pen If all you happen to have are your notebook/planner, and your pen, and it’s a hot day so you don’t want to keep your pen in a shirt pocket because of body heat making the ink rise in the pen and possible causing a leak, or in some cases the getting the pen wet from sweat?
10) Sherah E.- Facebook (27:34):
The paper at work (okay, in school) is horrible, and bleeds badly when I use Liberty’s Elysium on it. Given that I can’t change the paper nor do I want to change the ink, what can I do? PS. Using a Japanese F nib.
11) Tom S.- Facebook (31:28):
What is a good 3ring loose leaf paper, plain and lines, for fountain pens and ink?
12) Shane H.- Facebook (34:17):
What would you suggest we say or do when someone expresses interest in fountain pens? I tend to get really excited, say everything that comes to mind, and I’m afraid that turns people off because it’s too much information. Should we recommend a video? Or do something else? I was thinking that buying them an introductory pen (and the necessary supplies) would be a nice gesture, but that seems presumptuous, and might constitute an inappropriate workplace gift.
Part 2
1) Valerie L.- Facebook (0:40):
I would like suggestions on avoiding inky finger. I’m right handed and I always get ink on my middle finger on my Ahab and Esterbrook SJ. I work on carbon paper, so those two nibs are good, but they write too wet. “dry”/”drier” ink suggestions or nib tweaking I should try?
2) Patrick D.- Facebook (3:10):
I have found a putting a “Quiver” on my Webbies to be ideal for keeping paper and pen handy at work. Have you ever considered carrying quiver products?
3) Scott Y.- Facebook (4:36):
Hi Brian et all! Thank you for doing what you do. Contacting and purchasing from you guys has always been a pleasure and your good vibes has only strengthened my love of fountain pens. Recently at work I was using a Noodlers Ahab and it got very scratchy and was producing very low ink flow. I took the barrel off and tried to prime it, but got ink splattered all over my desk and spent about 20 minutes cleaning. Any tips for priming at work with Noodlers or any style pen? Thanks!
4) Winnie U.- Facebook (9:05):
What is your favorite highlighter ink?
5) Brandon D.- Facebook (9:41):
I have loved Goulet Pens ever sence I got my first pen in the fall, you guys have been a tremendous help (except for all the pens I want to buy now). I am a college student working at internships this summer, I am looking for a pen in the $100 and below range that is professional looking but also stand out looking and will impress by employers. And off of that any inks or notebooks to pair with that are professional looking as well.
6) Adrian C.- Facebook (13:59):
Three important considerations for my choice of ink in my line of work are 1. Bulletproof/eternal type qualities in my ink to prevent forgeries and 2. Color other than black to be able to distinguish the original vs. a copy of a document. 3. However, I would like to stand out from the usual blue ink signatures with another dark color that is still professional looking. (I.e. Not a pure blue ink). Although I am partial to purple or purple/black, I am open to other suggested colors. Any ink recommendations that fit the bill?
7) Berk F.- Facebook (16:01):
What are some ways to keep our pens safe?
8) Jonathan K.- Facebook (17:17):
What would a good pen/ink combo what would be good to use on high gloss paper?
9) Richard F.- Facebook (18:43):
Is Goulet planning on carrying professional portfolio covers for business use?
10) Lira M.- Facebook (19:54):
Are there any covers that fit the Stillman & Birn size journals? Are there any notebook covers that protect the pen instead of leaving it exposed like the Midori Clip?
11) Rebecca C./Michelle L– Facebook (20:46):
I use a lot of post-its at work. Is there a particular type that works well with fountain pens? What sort of ink/pen combo works well with them?
12) Rob P.- Facebook (22:03):
I’ve been having a lot of difficulty finding a weekly planner. The Rhodia planner looks like it would be a great fit for my needs but I cannot find any updated versions for 2014-2015. Are there any other fountain pen friendly planners you might suggest?? Thanks.
13) Jennifer B.- Facebook (24:38):

What are some more affordable options for those of us on a budget? I’m especially interested in flex nibs – I love the line variation and wouldn’t have to be stuck with a music nib I didn’t like. ($40 would be an out-and-out splurge on a single pen.) Ditto for notepads/paper. Also, what are the best pens for getting kids (13-15) started? I have a daughter who really loves art, and have been thinking of picking up some X-feather and a Preppy or two to start her out.
14) Tan C.- Facebook (27:03):
Hi Brian, Which of the bullet proof inks are the most resistant against solvents like alcohol? I use alcoholic hand rubs quite frequently at work and they sometimes come into contact with paper that i have written on. Have you considered testing alcohol in your drip tests in addition to water?15) Martha S.- Facebook (29:43):
What is a good smaller size notebook to take into meetings at work? I have those small steno pads but that means I must use a fine nib and it isn’t as awesome as my 1.1 italic nibs, which look gorgeous on paper.

16) David V.- Facebook (31:14):
I have converted two colleagues from rollerballs to fountains. Can you share some ideas how to promote our awesome hobby at the workplace? I know I always get tons of compliments and questions when coworkers see my pens.
Thanks to everyone who asked such great questions this week. If you’ve missed any old Q&A’s, be sure to check them out here. Next week will be an open forum, so ask anything you want! Have a great week.
Write On,
Brian Goulet