This is an old video, and there are no longer any discounts available as mentioned.(January 2016)

On June 25th, we’re going to be streamlining the availability of the nibs that come on several of our Lamy and Pilot pens.


The background story:

When we first started out carrying fountain pens (thinking back to when we landed Pilot and Lamy about three years ago), we really didn’t have a lot of cash to be able to greatly expand our inventory. We wanted to be able to keep as much in stock as possible, but didn’t have the means to carry multiples of every color and size combination.

So we got a bit creative and resourceful…. for any pen that had a replaceable nib, we pulled it off and inventoried it as a separate item. This allowed us to carry fewer pen bodies, with multiple spare nib sizes to put back on it at the time of sale. Less on hand, more options to choose from. This allowed us to offer combinations that our manufacturers typically didn’t provide, like a 1.1mm stub italic on a Lamy Safari, or a rhodium-plated 18kt nib on a Pilot Vanishing Point with gold trim.

What has happened slowly over time was something we didn’t really foresee. Because we can only purchase the pen from our distributors with specific standard sizes (i.e. fine/medium/broad), and then we sell them with other options from nibs purchased separately (i.e. an italic), we end up with a massive overstock of the standard nib sizes. As we reorder the pen body, the stock levels of these standard nib sizes keep increasing. As our volume has grown, this problem has only gotten worse, and we find ourselves in an uphill battle trying to keep all options in stock, without having massive amounts of inventory sitting on the shelf. And to compound the issue, we spend a lot of time de-nibbing and re-nibbing all of these pens, without charging any more for this service. The situation isn’t getting better as we grow.

Several years of nib inventory-on-hand versus nib sales. You can clearly see the stock quantities far exceed the sales.


Long story short, we’ve decided to streamline our nib offerings to provide only the options that our manufacturers/distributors provide to us. This has been a difficult decision to make. But we really believe this change is going to help keep GPC healthiest in the long run. :)



What this means for you:

Generally you won’t see any changes at all, but for some pen models you might see a few less nib size or color options. We’ll be making all the changes on our site on Wednesday, June 25th (during our quarterly physical inventory when the site goes down), so you’ll have until then to take advantage of our current offerings before they are streamlined.

The good news is, this change will enable us to do a few things for you:

  1. We’ll have full website functionality enabled on these products, including email-me-when-back-in-stock notifications that previously weren’t an option.
  2. We’ll be able to much more quickly inventory these pens, which means they’ll be faster to restock and faster to fulfill your orders. We’ll be keeping all stickers on the pen boxes so the aesthetics will improve (i.e. no more Lamy pen boxes
    with damage from the stickers torn off).
  3. We’ll offer some discounts on spare nibs with pen purchase after the changeover! We’d rather see these nibs be put to use in a loving home instead of just sitting for months on our warehouse shelves. (deal expired in 2014)
  4. We’ll be able to free up some cash which we’re going to invest into
    other cool stuff, like continuing to expand our offerings into other
    brands and models. 


What’s actually changing:

Here’s a quick rundown of the future options for all affected pen models:

Lamy Joy pens will only be available in italics.
Most other Lamy steel nib pens will generally only be available in EF, F, M, B, with a few small exceptions.

Monteverde pens that accept #6 nibs (which is everything except the Artista Crystal, Poquito, and Tool Pen) will only be available in nib color matching the trim.

Pilot Vanishing Point pens will only be available in color matching the trim. EF nibs will only be available on select models, though we’re working with Pilot USA to see if we can expand that. The high-end Radens will only be offered in a medium nib.

We’ll continue to sell the other nib colors and sizes as separate replacement nibs after the switchover, so you’ll still be able to get your ideal combination after swapping the nibs yourself. Check out our video on how to swap a Lamy nib.

So in the meantime, feel free to head on over to to take advantage of our custom nib configurations while they’re still available. After June 25th, the options will reflect the descriptions outlined above. If you have any questions, just leave a comment below.