Regardless of how poorly I ever did on the tests, Chemistry was always my favorite class. Oddly enough, I loved memorizing chemical symbols and formulas. When Organics Studio ink came to our site, I was definitely interested in grabbing a few samples. Organics Studio Potassium is definitely a fun one that I had at the top of my list to grab. It is a pleasant dusty-purple color. The inks flow is excellent as the color maintains its richness.

Here is what the color reminds me of:
When I was young and my mom and I used to drive home at night, we would try to name all of the colors in the sky. At sunset there would be a whole smattering of oranges and pinks. We would rattle off names like Kraft-Macaroni-and-Cheese Orange and July-Peach-Pie Pink. But right before the sun would descend, that’s when the purples and deep-deep blues would make their grand appearance. While I didn’t name any of the colors Potassium, I can visualize that same nice purple in the sky tucked right behind a fluffy cloud. It is a pretty, rich, and calming color.

So today, I wanted to show off this ink a little for y’all. The truth is I love to cook and wish I had more time to do it. At every major Campbell event or holiday there is always Grandma Myrtle’s Pound Cake. And let me tell you it is good. So I figured why not share one of my favorite recipes while showcasing this new color. So here you go friends. It is a feast for your eyes and potentially your stomach.

I was using a Lamy CP1 with a medium nib for most of the writing examples. Anything with a little extra flair was drawn with a Platinum Carbon Brush Pen. I had never used a brush pen before but really liked it. And everything you see was done on a Rhodia No. 18 notepad with blank paper.

Some other colors that are in the same family include Noodler’s Purple Wampum, Diamine Damson, and J. Herbin Poussiere de Lune. I’ve got some side-by-side comparisons for you to check out which I used Rohrer and Klingner Glass Dip Pen for. And just for fun, I threw in some dry times as well. As a lefty, a faster dry time definitely helps. While Organics Studio Potassium is a slower one, I never found myself smearing it all over the place.

What do you think of the color? Could you see yourself inking it up in the near future?

We’ll talk soon!