Katy Campbell is one of our most knowledgeable product experts here on Team Goulet. She’s been on the front lines of our customer care team for a year and a half, and has written a TON of personal notes on customers’ orders. She’s used at least as many different inks as I have over the last year and a half, and has graciously crafted this post for you to benefit from her experience. She has different taste than I do (meaning she likes colors that aren’t blue!) so I thought you’d enjoy hearing a fresh perspective.

Write On, Brian Goulet

Over the past year and a half, I have taken a front seat to a smorgasbord of ink samples in The Goulet Pen Company warehouse. And needless to say it has been a little spoiling. Honestly, I have fallen in love with too many colors. But today I thought I would narrow down the selection to my Top 5.  It definitely wasn’t easy but of all the inks I have sampled I truly do love writing with each of these inks.

De Atramentis Cherry

First on my list is the ever so warm De Atramentis Cherry. I adore the wine like color and it is scented. The smell of cherries as I write adds a little extra something to my day. I often catch myself going in for an extra whiff. (I guess that is kind of weird haha)

Stipula Sapphron

Confession: I love reality T.V. I wish I didn’t but I find myself always getting hooked to some new show. One of my all-time-favorites is Top Chef on Bravo. But why would I like a show about cooking food? I cannot even taste what they cook but still I find myself judging them… hard. I find myself in utter disbelief that the chefs would over-salt the asparagus. How simple. Salt.

Confession: I destroyed asparagus while cooking the other day with salt to the point that it was inedible. Whoops.

But, whenever I use Stipula Sapphron (the ink), it takes me back to the college days when I used to binge watch Top Chef. Sapphron (the spice) was a common surprise ingredient that I didn’t even know existed. The color reminds me of Noodler’s Apache Sunset, which has always been a staff favorite. The ink feels sunny when you write with it. The shading is cool. And I find myself always wanting to grab another sample.

Diamine Coral

Next on my list is Diamine Coral. I am a girl. And this is a girly ink.  Plain and simple, Diamine Coral is fun. I like the vibrant orangey-pink color. It has a lot of punch to it. Honestly, as it starts to get warm here in Virginia I get super excited for summer. If there are any Frozen fans out there, I start to feel like Olaf and may or may not sing about summer. With that in mind, Diamine Coral definitely reminds me of summer and it looks great in of some of my broader nibs.

Organics Studio Foggy Bottom

Now, this ink is more of a nostalgic choice. I grew up close to Washington D.C. One summer, I actually worked in the District and had to commute via Metro. I got used to the muddled sounds of the announcer saying “Next stop: Foggy Bottom. First stop in the District of Columbia.” That meant I was finally close and the workday was about to begin. So, when I use this ink it reminds me of that summer and the cool stuff I got to do as a museum intern.

Nostalgia aside, I really do like the color of Organics Studio Foggy Bottom. It is an odd brown but the shading is incredible.  It kind of looks like coffee… you know, with lots of sugar and cream and maybe some caramel on top.

Platinum Carbon Black

Everyone has to have a go-to black ink, right? Well just the other day, I found mine. Currently, I am in love with Platinum Carbon Black. It writes super smooth, dark, and it’s waterproof. I love how generously the ink flows out of each of my pens. If I didn’t work for a fountain pen company who loved using colors like Diamine Apple Glory during the workday, this would be the ink I take to all of my meetings.

Well, that is my Top 5. Please don’t hold me accountable to these colors in a year’s time. It’s a girl’s prerogative to change her mind.

What are the top five on your list right now? Show us using the hashtag #inkygoodness on Instagram or Twitter. Or leave a comment below.  We’ll talk soon.