The Pilot Stargazer is a handsome little pocket pen that doesn’t sacrifice comfort for size. Typically when I see pocket pens it’s a sure bet that it’s going to mean something cheap and flimsy, but this pen is legit.

Pilot Stargazer - Sapphire
Pilot Stargazer - Sapphire

It’s available in a 14k fine or medium nib that’s comparable in writing quality to my beloved Pilot Custom 74. Pilot grinds their nibs slightly finer than the European companies do, so that fine really gets down there.

The finish on the Stargazer is sparkly, but not gaudy. It’s just enough to twinkle a little when the light catches it. It’s available in ruby red, pearl white, sapphire, and black. It comes in a box with a Pilot Con-50 twist converter for bottled ink, and a Pilot/Namiki proprietary ink cartridge. It’ll also fit a Con-20 (sold separately) if you like that converter more and want a little higher ink capacity than the Con-50 offers.

Pilot Stargazer - Sapphire

Pilot Stargazer - Ruby Red
Pilot Stargazer - Black
Pilot Stargazer - Ruby Red/Pearl White

Another thing I really like about this pen is the snap cap, which is really smooth, especially to close. The pen’s a bit short when uncapped, but posts great and is comfortable even for a big-handed gentleman like me. It’s a somewhat heavy pen for its size at 27g, but is evenly balanced and feels nice in the hand.

For more info about the Stargazer be sure to check it out at, where it’s available for $152. This is a pen that’s been somewhat under-represented since it came out, so I’d love to hear what you think! Leave me a comment below.

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Brian Goulet