Rhodia is celebrating their 80th anniversary this year, and has released a special edition line of top-staplebound notebooks called Rhodia Ice, with white covers and gray lines. They’re pretty cool, and yes, that is a pun that is most certainly intended.

Rhodia notepads have smooth 80g white paper, and are known pretty much all around the fountain pen community as being one of the best for fountain pen ink due to their ink resistance, wonderful feel while writing, and popular format and ruling options. The Ice notebooks are similar to the regular top-staplebound Rhodia notebooks, the most noticeable difference is the bright white covers with the silver logo instead of and orange/black combo.


Rhodia Ice notebooks have white covers with silver logo (which is tough as crud to photograph!)

Inside, you’ll see the lines are a light gray instead of the typical purply-blue (and red, for the No. 18 pad’s margin). The Ice notebooks are coming only in the top-staplebound format, and will only be available in No. 12, 13, 14, 16, and 18 sizes.


Rhodia Ice lines are light gray instead of purply-blue

You can learn more and pick up your Rhodia Ice notepads at GouletPens.com. What do you think of them?