The Sheaffer 300 is a big, heavy pen with a classic and professional look. Whip out this pen in a meeting and you’ll catch some wandering eyes looking over trying to see what you have in your hand. It’s not flashy, but everyone will know you care about what you’re using.

Available in a fine or medium nib (which writes surprisingly smooth), you can get the Sheaffer 300 in several different conservative colors. The gold trim pens have a two-tone nib, which looks pretty nice.

Starting at $75, it’s a reasonably-priced pen with a solid reputation, and you can learn more specific details here. It comes with a Sheaffer converter and both a black and blue ink cartridge. Check out how the pen compares in size to other pens in the Goulet Pen Plaza, and see how the writing samples compare to others in the Goulet Nib Nook.

What do you think of the 300?