The Sheaffer Sagaris isn’t a brand-new pen, but a new-to-us pen here at It’s a straight-laced professional-looking pen. Nothing too radical going on here, just a solid mid-size, mid-price pen with a surprisingly smooth-writing nib.

Sheaffer Sagaris in black, available in fine or medium nib

Sheaffer Sagaris in brushed Chrome, slightly back-weighted when posted

It’s available in a fine and medium nib, that’s slightly wet but writes a finer line than I expected. It’s actually closer to a Japanese pen in terms of the nib size, running finer than Lamy. You can check out how it compares to other pens in my writing samples in the Nib Nook

The pen is a little light at the grip, which makes it well-balanced with just the body, and slightly back-weighted with the cap posted on the back. It’s a mid-weight pen at 30g total weight. It takes a Sheaffer proprietary converter (included, a $10 value) and comes with both a black and blue Sheaffer cartridge in the box. 
Sheaffer Sagaris in Red, with Sheaffer converter, blue and black cartridge (included)
All-in-all, this is a reliable writer for work, and would present well as a gift pen. The Sheaffer name and reputation is pretty well-known, and while I don’t think this pen will blow up most blogs and forums, it’s a respectable writing instrument that deserves a tip of my metaphorical hat. At $65 you could do worse.

What do you think?

Write On,
Brian Goulet