Happy Monday, pen lovers of the world! This week’s Monday Matchup up is brought to you by Caran d’Ache Delicate Green fountain pen ink and the Monteverde Intima in Neon Green. Sometimes you just need something bright and vibrant to liven up your Monday. The piece that Joe O. created with this matchup is beyond impressive. We gave him artistic freedom to be inspired from the ink, and while he technically didn’t use the Monteverde pen to create his artwork, we still wanted to showcase it as a great complementary color match for this ink.

When Joe researched the name ‘Caran D’Ache’, he discovered that it’s a pseudonym for a Russian-born French satirist/cartoonist, Emmanuel Poire. Caran D’Ache is a modified form of the Russian word karandash, meaning pencil. One daring cartoonist popped into Joe’s mind immediately — an American cartoonist named Bill Mauldin. Mauldin’s characters, Willie and Joe, drudge through the often frustrating, yet, surprisingly funny, reality of life as grunts in WWII.

Since Bill Mauldin was such an effective purveyor of “grit” in both his images and in the nature of his characters, Joe chose to make his portrait in his own messy way using a 5mL syringe instead of a pen or brush. The unpredictable nature of the syringe allowed for unexpected results. Too much pressure on the plunger would cause a gush of ink to pool on the page. But just enough pressure would turn the syringe into a make-shift fountain pen. There was no preliminary drawing for this portrait, so the likeness is off a bit — a result from wanting to build the image with marks rather than using something predetermined.

Joe really had a blast making this portrait of Bill Mauldin. Ever since he received his book Up Front from his father when Joe was deployed overseas, Joe has been fascinated by how skillfully Mauldin was able to capture the distinctive soldier’s brand of levity that manifests itself in the face of armed conflict.

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Hope you enjoy this Monday’s Matchup as much as we do! :)